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A New Type of Interview.

After some discussion with Clark, the Admin of Bittank, we agreed that this interview would deviate from the more or less standard set of questions that we ask Admins of the programs listed on the Emily News Monitor.  The purpose of this changed format is not only to give the Admin an opportunity to provide additional clarifying information about BitTank but also to explain its relationship to MatrixBit.Club, the parent company of BitTank.  We found this additional information to be very helpful.  I am sure that you, the readers of this interview, will find it helpful too.  The implication of all this is that it would probably be very helpful to readers of the BitTank website if a polished version of what follows could somehow be added to it.  With this as an introduction, here is the interview…

Hello Clark!  We would like to thank you for taking the time to provide additional information on BitTank as well as the other programs related to it.  We only have a few broad questions:

BitTank appears to be one of three or four businesses that were founded by the MatrixBit.Club.  Would you tell us a little about this organization?

MATRIXBIT CLUB LTD is the foundation and startup project started from an idea and build to reality by a group of investors (Founders) getting together bringing ideas to life.

The Founder group has since then reached close to 300 main Founders invested their time and money to build up a strong line of business to ensure a solid return for many years.

Main purpose of this site is getting more investors to join increasing the total Founder pool used to build new and strong online business. You can compare this to a collective investment returning what the overall company activities generate.

Most of the main Founders are passive only interested in the investment itself while the rest is active engaged helping with the daily activities, planning and future structure like myself as the main contact for all and 7 other close connected working with me daily.

On our yearly conference all main founders can join together for last updates, status and future plans and active be part of the planning ahead. Our next conference will be already in October 21st 2017 in Miami Florida where all Founder Managers are invited.

In addition to BitTank, it looks like another business called “mbDash” was also founded by MatrixBit.Club.  Would you also tell us a little about that business?

Second project on the line was our online Bitcoin wallet combined with own pay-processor and exchange. Site has been fully operational since beginning this year and reached quiet a high numbers of merchants and private using it. This service is currently closed for new registrations while we integrate a upgraded version start within 1-2 weeks.

The new version is an important step combining our mining resources to intern Bitcoin transfers and will be a complete game changer in the industry.

We will be the only online wallet able to mine our own transactions.

This will mean low transaction fee (mining fee) and fast confirmation for any bitcoin user using our wallet.

Perhaps the most important part of this interview is information about BitTank.  Is there anything additional to what is given in your website that you would like to share? 

As you might have already noticed BITTANK LTD is only last addition of several online activities we run for now 2 years.

Bittank Ltd is an very important player to all above projects, specially our Bitcoin Core what will soon be connected together.

Bittank Ltd. is as I mentioned above financed by the Founders. Beside building the main platform and mining management software we bought up hardware equipment of our own to get a solid start. We do not necessary need to sell any mining plans to private as we already established a solid business model generate income to investors. But this would be a limited plan without perspective of future and without grown.

So already 2 month ago I was personal engaged to sign a 5 year contract with Equinix M1 Data Center in Miami what will be our PHASE 2.  In this case we lease the equipment financed with the mining Fee all members paid already and able double up our mining capacity allowing a next step of mining sale.

A second contract has already been signed with Equinix Global Data Center in Amsterdam for a next step PHASE 3. When we reach this level we reach a top 3 online mining service in capacity global.

As I try to point out we aim to be two step ahead to not hit a standstill by prepare and sign contract long before they are needed. The execution time from we activate out contract are only 2 weeks to all is generating income.

I believe our strength is that we already have a strong foundation started out in a one big step with help from all the founders where many online business start out in small parts and build up over long time.

We do not depend on mining sale nor do we depend on the marked. So in my perspective we have a very strong business model setup and able to focus on other areas expanding our services.

Finally, can you tell us a little about your plans for the future?

The next coming service in build are expected going online Jan/Feb 2018 and will be a live trading and coin exchange platform supporting 30 coin types with live transaction. Announcement will come start next year with details.

I hope I was able to enlightening your question about our business model and what is to come.

Thank you very much, Clark, for taking the time to provide this additional information for the readers of Emily News.


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