This article is for both HYIP investors and administrators (Admins).

When I go to a bank to make a deposit, it is nice to see a clean and efficient looking operation with employees who appear to be hard-working and honest.  However, if I go to a bank and see employees chatting and playing video games and notice that there is a gambling “den” attached to it, I would probably walk right out.  The bank isn’t “respectable” and a person would seriously question placing his money in the care of such an institution. This is common sense.  We like to deal with “respectable” institutions and people …

What about an HYIP?  What makes for a “respectable” HYIP?  Is there such a thing?  It is common knowledge that most HYIPs close their doors in a certain period of time (sooner or later) after they go online.  Does this mean that we should label all of them as scams as soon as they start — and stay as far away from them as we possibly can?  Well, human nature is such that people DO like to gamble and take a chance with the hope of earning some fast profits.  And, this might provide the answer to what makes an HYIP “respectable” or not. 

Gambling casinos are legal in many countries.  And, they are often extremely attractive and professionally-run establishments.  Las Vegas, in the US, is a city that is famous in this regard.  The casinos in Las Vegas are definitely “respectable.”  People who play the “games” there know that their chances of winning are small compared to their chances of losing.  This is not a secret.  Still, people flock to Las Vegas with the hope that they will be among the lucky winners. 

Why isn’t the HYIP business be “respectable” like this?  Well, there is a big difference between a casino and an HYIP.  The person going to a casino EXPECTS to lose and HOPES to win.  The person investing in an HYIP EXPECTS to win!  And, he will often feel disappointed when he does lose — because a program closes before he is in profit.  Why does he expect to win?  The answer is simple; the program tells him so.  So, there is an inherent element of dishonesty in the HYIP business.  Websites are sometimes designed to give the investor false expectations of high profits.  This is not the case in the casino business; everyone knows that there is a high chance they will lose and casino operators don’t try to hide this at all.

So, we have to ask ourselves the question, “What would make the HYIP business a “respectable” one?”  The answer to this question is really simple too.  It is that, like in casino gambling, there has to be enough winners in a program to make it a sensible “investment.”  If everyone that invests loses money, a program is a scam; if there are winners before the program ultimately closes, it is a form of gambling — like a casino.  So, assuming that all programs will eventually close, we can say that a program is a “respectable” one if it leads to a number of people coming out ahead before this happens.  The more people that come out ahead, the more “respectable” the program might be.  Admins MUST design programs with this in mind.

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So, we are led to the conclusion that HYIP investment is a form of gambling (See HYIP Insights #4 for a discussion of this).  Investors MUST accept the fact that a program will ultimately close and there will be both winners and losers.

If these two conditions are met, then the HYIP business will be on a par with casino gambling; it will be “respectable.”  There is much more to say about all this and we will get into greater detail in Part 2 of this article.  Please stand by.  It will be available soon…


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