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The Bitex Broker Investment Plans.

We introduced the Bitex Broker investment plans in our recent “First Thoughts” article about the program.  Here’s what we said about them in that article:

Bitex Broker offers four investment plans for the online investor.  One of them provides a daily interest return, while three of them pay interest as a lump sum at the end of a plan.  All of them return a person’s investment along with the interest payments.   Some quick arithmetic tells me that the plan which pays a daily return is quite a sensible one that appears to be lucrative but not SO lucrative that interest payments might put the survival of the overall program at risk.  On the other hand, the three “after” plans appear to be very lucrative — two of them almost to the point of being “too good to be true.” 

Here’s the complete information about the investment plans as it is given in the website:

  • Plan A
  • 13% daily for 9 days
  • $30 -$499
  • Plan B
  • 160% after 7 days
  • $500 – $1,999
  • Plan C
  • 250% after 5 days
  • $2,000 – $4,999
  • Plan D
  • 450% after 3 days
  • $5,000 – $100,000

Analysis of the Bitex Broker Investment Plans.

For Plan A, if you divide 100% by the 13% daily return, you find that you will recover your investment (break even) in eight days.  For the other three plans, since you don’t receive any return until they end, that’s, obviously, when you will break even.

For Plan A, the total GROSS interest that you will receive will equal the daily gross interest of 13% times the nine-day length of the plan or 117%.  This includes your investment.  So, the total NET interest that you will receive will be 100% less than this, or just 17%.  Averaging this out over the nine-day length of the investment plan, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of 1.89% (17/9).  For Plan B, the total GROSS interest is 160% and the total NET interest will be 60%.  If you average this out over the seven-day length of the plan, you get a DNI of 8.57%.  Similarly, if you do the same arithmetic for Plans C and D, you would get 30% and 117% for their DNIs, respectively. 

In summary, here’s what we have:

  • Plan     DNI                  Days to break even
  • A          1.89%              8 days
  • B          8.57%              7 days
  • C          30%                 5 days
  • D          117%               3 days


Concerning TYPE of investment plan, Bitex Broker provides a mix of the best and the worst.  Plan A is the best type of investment plan because it enables a person to recover his investment at a rapid rate over the duration of the plan and to break even before the plan ends.  The other three plans are the worst type of plan because everything is at risk — earnings and investment — until the end of the plan.  Thankfully, the lengths of all the Bitex Broker investment plans are very short.  So, in that sense, the point can be made that the length of time for which a person’s funds are at risk is quite short.

The minimum investment for Plans A is, obviously, doable for all online investors.  The $500 minimum for Plan B will probably be doable for at least the serious online investor.  However, the minimums of $2,000 and $5,000 required for Plans C and D might be beyond the reach of most investors.  In fact, we caution against putting large sums of money into ANY online investment program — unless of course it can prove that it is just as well-established as a small bank or similar enterprise.

Perhaps the most important thing that we should discuss in this review (in any review, I guess!) is the profitability and risk associated with the program.  If you look at Plan A by itself, it makes good sense (as we indicated in the “First Thoughts” article).  With a DNI of 1.89%, you have an average weekly clear profit in the neighborhood of 13%.  This will probably be satisfactory to most online investors, with the exception, perhaps, of the few that are hoping for ultra-fast profits.  A DNI of 1.89% is also below the 2% borderline we suggested in HYIP Insights #12 where we felt that the payment obligations of a company could begin to seriously put its survivability at risk. 

Unfortunately, Plans B, C, and D are a whole new ball game.  The DNIs for these plans are WAY above what we think is sustainable.  Plan D is completely off-the-chart.  I cannot imagine any program being able to pay this level of interest.  This investment plan says that, if I invest $5,000 on Monday, the program will give me 4.5 times this, or $22,500, on Thursday.  Is there any chance that this is possible?

Earnings Example.

Let’s work an example for Plan A.  As we’ve already indicated, this is the most logical of the plans offered by Bitex Broker

We’ll assume an investment of $200.  Every day you will receive 13% of this, or $26 (.13 x 200).  After eight days, you will have received a total of $208 (8 x 26) and will have broken even.  When the plan ends after nine days, you will have received a total of $234 (9 x 26), for a net profit of $34.


Bitex Broker offers four investment plans.  While the plan they offer that pays a daily interest would seem to make good sense in HYIP world, the other three “after” plans promise such high returns that they would appear to seriously jeopardize the survival of the overall program.  The only hope for the program might be that the plan paying daily interest will be the only plan that will be used.  If investors recognize that the other three plans are probably “too good to be true,” and steer clear of them, then Bitex Broker might have a decent chance of surviving for a good length of time.


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