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The Nevis Trade Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Nevis Trade, we briefly introduced their investment plans in the following way:

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Nevis Trade offers eight investment plans for the online investor.  Four of them provide a daily interest return and four of them do not provide any interest return until the end of the plan.  We refer to this latter type of investment plan as an “After” plan.  All of the investment plans return a person’s investment at the end of the investment plan.  Unfortunately, the minimum investment requirement for six of the investment plans is extremely high.  Two of the daily investment plans require a minimum investment of $20,000 or more.  All of the “After” plans require a minimum investment of $10,000 or more.  So, most of the Nevis Trade investment plans will be out of reach of the typical online investor. 

In light of the fact that probably only two of the Nevis Trade investment plans will be affordable to most online investors, we will limit this review to a discussion on these two plans.  In general, we advise investors NOT to put large sums of money into ANY online investment program unless it can be determined that the program is just as viable as a person’s neighborhood bank or a corporation selling stock shares.  Sadly, few, if any, HYIPs are in this category.  In the case of Nevis Trade, we have to note that the company has, indeed, been online for over eight months — which is a significant accomplishment for an HYIP.  This is a factor in their favor.  Obviously, you will have to be the judge on this. 

However, we will still limit this review to the two more affordable investment plans offered by Nevis Trade.  The investor who might have $10,000 or more that he is willing to risk on what might possibly be a very lucrative investment plan can refer to the Nevis Trade website for information on their higher interest (riskier) investment plans.

Following is the information on the two plans that we will be discussing here. It is probably true that almost all investment activity in the Nevis Trade program is in these two plans.  Remember that they return your investment at the conclusion of the plan.

  • Starter Plan
  • 2.5% daily for 25 days
  • $10 – $10,000
  • Premium Plan
  • 3% daily for 30 days
  • $1,000 – $25,000

Analysis of the Nevis Trade Investment Plans.

Let’s first check and see if either of the investment plans will break even before it ends.  For the Starter Plan, since you earn 2.5% per day, you will receive 62.5% (2.5 x 25) of your investment back before the 25-day plan ends.  So, you will not break even until your investment is returned to you at the end of the plan.  For the Premium Plan, that pays 3% per day, you will receive 90% (3 x 30) of your investment back before the 30-day plan ends.  So, likewise, you won’t break even until your investment is returned.

With this type of investment plan, since your investment is returned to you when it ends, your daily interest can be regarded as your NET daily profit (we refer to that as DNI — daily net interest).  So, there is no need for us to calculate DNI; it is given to us.  This, of course, assumes that the program survives until a plan ends and a person’s investment is returned to him.

So, here’s a summary of what we have found out about the Nevis Trade investment plans so far:

  • Plan                 DNI      Percent of investment returned before end of plan
  • Starter             2.5%    62.5%
  • Premium         3%       90%

*Click this LINK to watch the Presentation Video!

In Part 2 of this review, we’ll discuss these results of our brief analysis of the Nevis Trade investment plans and, hopefully, come to some conclusions that might be helpful to the online investor.  Please stay tuned.  Part 2 will be published shortly…


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