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The ThriventLinks Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about ThriventLinks, we introduced their investment plans in the following way:

For the investor, ThriventLinks offers two investment plans.  Both of them return your investment and pay you your earnings at the end of the plan.  We refer to this as an “after” plan because you don’t receive any return at all until after the investment plan is complete.  Needless to say, this adds to the risk of a person’s investment.  The minimum investment for both of the plans is the same at $25.  So, anyone can afford either plan.  One plan runs for 10 working days while the other runs for 15.  A note is that you cannot make deposits or withdrawals on weekends.  So, this is one of the very few online investment programs that truly takes weekends off!  A few quick calculations tell me that the investment plans are lucrative but not SO lucrative that their chances of long-term survival will be jeopardized. 

Here is additional information about the investment plans from the website:

  • Diamond Plan
  • 120% after 10 working days
  • $25 – $250
  • VIP Plan
  • 130% after 15 working days
  • $25 – $300

Analysis of the ThriventLinks Investment Plans.

First let’s convert working days to calendar days.  Since there are around 22 working days in a 30 calendar day month, we can convert working days to calendar days by multiplying the number of working days by 30/22.  If you do this you find out that the Diamond Plan is roughly 14 calendar days long and the VIP Plan is roughly 21 calendar days long.

Since you don’t receive any return until the plans end, that’s when you will break even.

Next, let’s average out the total NET interest that you receive from each plan over the number of CALENDAR days in the plan to get the average daily net interest (DNI) that you will receive from the plan.  Obviously, this is a fictious quantity as you don’t receive anything from these plans until they end.  However, it is a very useful quantity to know if you want to compare the profitability (and risk) of these investment plans with plans offered by other online investment programs.

Looking at the Diamond Plan, it is easy to see that the total NET that you will receive will be 20%.  Averaging this out over the 14 calendar day length of the plan by dividing by 14, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of around 1.4%.  If you do the same arithmetic for the VIP Plan, you also get 1.4%.  This is a surprise!  So, the two plans are EQUALLY PROFITABLE.


Let’s discuss this surprising finding first as I have never seen this happen before.  The bottom line is that, from the point of view of profitability, the two investment plans are EQUAL.  Once you understand this, it should be clear that the Diamond Plan is the one to use as your investment is only at risk for 14 calendar days rather than for 21; there is absolutely no reason to use the VIP Plan. Yes, the maximum permissible investment is $50 higher.  However, my opinion is that this is much less important than the risk factor.

OK, just how profitable is an investment plan having a DNI of 1.4%?  Simply multiply the DNI by seven, the number of days in a week, to get the average weekly profit that the plan will pay you.  This comes out to around 10% — which should keep most investors very happy. 

In HYIP Insights #12, we related DNI to risk and suggested that the investor aim for programs that offer investment plans having DNIs that are less than 2%.  ThriventLinks is OK in this regard too. 

So, the investment plan offers a fair level of profitability without excessive risk.  A good compromise.

Earnings Example. 

We’ll work one example from the Diamond Plan.  As I already indicated, this is probably the only plan that should be used. 

Let’s assume an investment of $100.  At the end of the plan, after 10 working days (around 14 calendar days), you will receive 120% of this or $120, for a net profit of $20.  That’s all there is to it.


ThriventLinks offers two investment plans.  Both of them return your investment and pay all your earnings at the end of the plan.  This makes them risky plans because, if the program closes early, you will lose everything.  It turns out that the two plans are equally profitable.  So, from the point of view of risk, it would appear to make sense to use the shorter-term Diamond Plan.  The investment plans are lucrative but not SO lucrative that the survivability of the program would appear to be at undue risk.  For this reason, the ThriventLinks program should appeal to a wide variety of investors. 


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