The NEW NexTradeBox Investment Plans.

NexTradeBox (read our review here) has only been online for a week or so and we just learned from the program administrator that they have made a major revision in their investment plan offerings.  Here is part of the note we received from them:

We offered several preliminary plans to our few customers. Then, taking
their feedback into consideration, as well as consulting with “online
investment” experts, we enhanced and finalized our plans. At the same
time, we raised the minimum profit level and changed plans duration.

So, let’s repeat what the original NexTradeBox investment plans looked like, followed by the information on the new plans. 

Old Plans

  • ST Plan
  • 0.35% daily for 720 days
  • $25 – $250
  • AD Plan
  • 0.38% daily for 720 days
  • $251 – $1,000
  • PR Plan
  • 0.41% daily for 720 days
  • $1,001 – $5,000
  • MS Plan
  • 0.44% daily for 720 days
  • $5,001 – $20,000
  • EX Plan
  • 0.47% daily for 720 days
  • $20,001 – $35,000
  • LG Plan
  • 0.50% daily for 720 days
  • $35,001 and up

New Plans

  • ST Plan
  • 0.40% daily for 720 days
  • $25 minimum
  • AD Plan
  • 0.46% daily for 540 days
  • $250 minimum
  • PR Plan
  • 0.58% daily for 360 days
  • $500 minimum
  • MS Plan
  • 0.68% daily for 270 days
  • $750 minimum
  • EX Plan
  • 0.88% daily for 180 days
  • $1,000 minimum
  • LG Plan
  • 1.50% daily for 90 days
  • $2,000 minimum

Analysis of the NEW NexTradeBox Investment Plans.

When we analyzed the original set of investment plans, we eliminated the last three of them from our discussion due to the fact that we felt the minimum investments they required were too high.  We do NOT recommend investing large sums of money into ANY online investment program.  Here are the results of our analysis of the old investment plans:

  • Plan                 DNI                  Days to Break Even
  • ST                    0.21%              286 days
  • AD                   0.24%              264 days
  • PR                    0.27%              244 days

Thankfully, the minimum investment requirements for all of the plans in the new offerings are reasonable.  I won’t go through the arithmetic.  However, here are the results that you would get if you determined breakeven points and DNIs for the new NexTradeBox investment plans

  • Plan                 DNI                  Days to Break Even
  • ST                    0.26%              250 days
  • AD                   0.27%              218 days
  • PR                    0.30%              173 days
  • MS                   0.31%              148 days
  • EX                    0.32%              114 days
  • LG                    0.39%              67 days


Generally speaking, the new set on investment plans is an improvement over the old for many reasons:

First, we already mentioned that the new minimum investment requirements are now all within reasonable limits.  The highest interest plan, the LG Plan, has a minimum of $2,000.  This is a somewhat high.  However, it is not ridiculous.  In order to receive the highest interest that the plan offers, it is not unreasonable to expect to have to invest a little bit more.

Second, only one of the investment plans is now 720 days long.  All of the others are shorter, with the shortest plan being only 90 days long.  This is by no means a short-term investment plan.  However, it is a LOT shorter than 720 days.

Third, the interests that are now offered by all the plans are higher than those that were offered by the old plans.  However, the DNIs for all the plans remain low by HYIP standards and are such that the overall program should still have a very good chance of long-term survival. 

Fourth, along with increased DNI comes increased profitability.  If you multiply DNI by seven, you get the average weekly profit that you will earn for each investment plan.  Here are these results:

  • Plan                 Average Weekly Profit
  • ST                    1.8%
  • AD                   1.9%
  • PR                    2.1%
  • MS                   2.2%
  • EX                    2.2%
  • LG                    2.7%

(note:  There are some round-off errors in these results.  For example, the EX Plan is really a little bit more profitable than the MS Plan)

NexTradeBox should be congratulated for making these improvements and taking action based on investor feedback.


NexTradeBox has made a major revision to their investment plan offerings.  The revision is a major improvement for a number of reasons.  For the reasons stated above, the investment plans are now much more attractive than they were before.  Specifically, shortening the length of the plans significantly decreases the risk associated with this investment program.  In spite of the changes that have been made, this is still a conservative program that might be a reliable source of passive income.   


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