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Before we begin our discussion of the AAA-Profit investment plans, let’s repeat what we know about them first.  That will make our discussion a little bit easier. Here’s the basic information about all the plans as well as what we found out about them in Part 1 of this review:

  • Beginner Plan
  • 5% daily for 30 days
  • $10 – $2,000
  • Intermediate Plan
  • 6% daily for 30 days
  • $100 – $5,000
  • Ultimate Plan
  • 7% daily for 30 days
  • $5,000 – $20,000
  • Quick Return Plan
  • 110% after 5 days
  • $50 – $5,000
  • Plan                             DNI                  Days to Break Even
  • Beginner                     1.67%              20 days           
  • Intermediate               2.67%              17 days
  • Ultimate                      3.67%              15 days
  • Quick return                2%                   5 days

The first three of the AAA-Profit investment plans happen to be the best TYPE of investment plan because your investment is being returned to you as part of your earnings.  Thus, the portion of your investment that is at risk decreases on a daily basis and you also will break even considerably before the investment plan ends.  For example, even in the lowest interest Beginner Plan, you will break even in 20 days (out of the 30-day investment plan).  This implies that, in 10 days, you will have recovered half of your investment.  This relieves a lot of stress for the online investor who is always preoccupied with the fact that a program might close, unannounced, at any moment.  The fourth investment plan, the Quick Return Plan, in contrast, is the worst TYPE of investment plan because you do not receive any return at all until the plan ends.  So, your entire investment is always at risk.  However, this is compensated for by the fact that this is a very short investment plan — only five days long.  One could easily argue that this isn’t too long to wait for a return on an investment.

With a minimum investment of only $10, the Beginner Plan will be within reach of all HYIP investors.  The Intermediate Plan, with a minimum investment of $1,000, probably will not be and I suspect that this plan will seldomly be used.  We do not recommend using the Ultimate Plan, with a minimum investment of $5,000.  Our standing advice is NOT to invest large sums of money with ANY online investment company unless you can convince yourself that it is as well-established and reliable as a corporation that you might consider buying shares of stock from.  Few, if any ,HYIPs are in this category.  It is probably wisest to consider HYIP Investment as a sort of “game” and it’s probably not a good idea to put large sums of money into games (please see HYIP Insights #4 for an article about this).

You can convert DNI to the average weekly profit that you can earn form an investment plan by multiplying it by seven (the number of days in a week).  Here’s what you find out if your do this for the AAA-Profit investment plans:

  • Plan                             Average Weekly Profit
  • Beginner                     12%
  • Intermediate               19%
  • Ultimate                      26%
  • Quick Return               14%

So, the Ultimate Plan is the most profitable plan.  However, as we already indicated, we don’t recommend using this plan due to the high minimum investment that is required.  You can see that even the Beginner Plan has a net profit of over 10%.  This should keep most online investors very happy.  This will probably be the most popular AAA-Profit investment plan.

The flip side of the coin from profitability is risk.  In HYIP Insights #12, we presented a four-part article which suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher than 2% might not be good candidates for long-term survival.  So, the Intermediate and Ultimate Plans could possibly put the survivability of the program at risk.  Fortunately, the high minimum investments that these plans require will probably result in them not being very popular.  This is GOOD for the survivability of the program.  Personally, I think that, if AAA-Profit deleted these two investment plans, it would be putting the overall program on much more solid ground.  However, this is the way things go in the HYIP business.  I suppose that there will always be a few investors that might want to try to make fast profits.

Earnings Examples.

Let’ assume that we have made a $100 investment in both the Beginner and Quick Return Plans and compare what will happen in the two cases.  As we indicated above, these will probably be the two most popular investment plans in the AAA-Profit program. 

For the Beginner Plan, you will receive 5% interest per day, or $5.  After 20 days, you can see that you will have earned exactly $100 and will have broken even. By the end of the 30-day investment plan, you will have earned a total of $150 for a net profit of $50.

For the Quick Return Plan, after five days, you will receive a one-shot return of $110, for a net profit of $10.  You can see that you could use this investment plan six times in the 30-day investment period of the Beginner Plan.  If you do this, you will earn six times the $10 net return for a total of $60.  So, in a 30-day time period, the Beginner Plan will get you $50 net profit while investing in the Quick Return six times will get you $60. 

As we already know from their DNIs, the Quick profit Plan is more profitable.  However, it is riskier because your entire investment is always at risk.  The idea of reinvesting it that plan is probably not a good one from the point of view of risk. 


AAA-Profit offers four investment plans.  Three of them pay interest on a daily basis and are 30 days long.  The fourth pays interest at the end of a plan which is only five days long.  All of the plans include your investment as part of your returns.  One of the daily plans has a fairly high minimum investment and another has a minimum that is probably prohibitively high.  These high investments will likely make these two plans unpopular.  The remaining two plans are still quite lucrative (without being excessively so) and will probably appeal to a wide range of investors.

I hope this information is helpful.


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