The Dexau Enterprise Investment Plans.

Here’s the info on the Dexau Enterprise investment plans.

  • Plan #1
  • 13% weekly for 10 weeks
  • $25 – $250
  • Principal included
  • Plan #2
  • 0.3% daily for 150 days
  • $50 – $500
  • Principal returned (anytime)

Analysis of the Dexau Enterprise Investment Plans.

Let’s look at Plan #1 first.  If you divide the weekly interest of 13% by seven, you get an equivalent daily return of 1.857%.  Likewise, the 10-week period is equivalent to 70 days.  It might be convenient in our analysis to be able to think in terms of days rather than weeks.  If you divide 100% by the weekly gross return of 13%, you find that it will take you eight weeks (eight weekly payments) to break even.  Next, let’s think in terms of days and determine the average daily net interest (DNI) that this return equates to.  The total GROSS interest that you will receive from this plan is the weekly gross interest of 13% times 10, the number of weeks in the plan, or 130%.  Since this includes your investment, you must subtract 100% in order to determine the total NET interest that you will receive, or 30%.  Averaging this out over the 70-day investment period by dividing by 70, you get a DNI of 0.43%.  I realize that everything in this plan is on a weekly basis.  However, we will want to compare the merits of this plan with plans offered by other HYIPs.  We have to be able to think in terms of days in order to do this.

For Plan #2, if you multiply the daily return of 0.3% by the 150-day length of the plan, you get 45%.  So, this investment plan will not break even before it ends; you will only break even at the end of the plan when your investment is returned to you.  As mentioned in our First Thoughts article, you can leave this investment plan any time that you want and your investment will be returned to you then (except that, if you leave before 10 days, there is a 5% penalty).  Since, your investment is returned at the end of the plan, or whenever you quit the plan, you can say that the daily earnings you receive are your net profit.  So, the DNI for this investment plan is 0.3%.

In summary, we have:

  • Plan                       DNI                        Days/weeks to break even
  • #1                           0.43%                    8 weeks                              
  • #2                           0.30%                    150 days


The most outstanding feature of these investment plans are their low returns.  It is rare in HYIP world to encounter investment plans with DNIs less that 0.5%.  This is not necessarily a bad feature of the plans; it is just unusual.  The obvious result of these low returns will be low profits.  Multiplying the DNIs of the plans by seven, you come up with the following values for the average weekly net profit that you will receive from each of the plans over their lifetime:

  • Plan                       Weekly profit
  • #1                           3.0%
  • #2                           2.1%

By HYIP standards, these profit levels are low.  Remember, however, that they are MUCH higher than what you will receive from any bank anywhere!

Fortunately, low risk goes along with low profit.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs of less than 1% will have a very good chance for long-term survival.  Well, the DNIs for the Dexau Enterprise investment plans are a lot less than this.  So, the prognosis for long-term survival of this investment program would appear to be very good.

An interesting feature of the Dexau Enterprise investment plans is that their investment limits are very low.  The minimums are low and, more surprisingly, the maximums are also low.  So, almost anyone can afford to invest in either plan and, a very positive sign is that it appears that Dexau Enterprise isn’t trying to entice an unwary rich investor to put thousands of dollars into the program (and then close its doors and disappear with the treasury). 

The low interest rates and the low investment limits are all signs of a program that might be getting set for a long-term online presence.

Earnings Examples.

I would like to work two examples that will also serve as a means of comparing the two investment plans with each other.  I will assume an investment of $100 in each of the plans for a 10-week (70-day) period.  This is a full investment cycle for Plan #1.  For Plan #2, since a person can withdraw his investment at any time (after 10 days) without penalty, I am assuming that our fictitious investor will do this.  So, we are comparing what will happen with investments in each of the two plans in a 70-day period.

For Plan #1, you will receive 13% of your investment or $13 (.13 x 100) every week.  You can see that, after eight weeks, you will have received $104 (8 x 13) and that you will have broken even.  By the end of the 10-week investment period, you will have received a total of $130 (10 x 13) for a net profit of $30 (130 – 100). 

For Plan #2, you will receive a daily return of 0.3% of your investment or $.30 (.003 x 100).  By the end of the 70-day investment period, you will have received a total return of $21 (70 x .3).  This is your net profit because your $100 investment will be returned to you when you quit the investment plan. 

OK, Plan #1 is clearly more profitable.  However, you have to stick with the plan to the end in order to see this profit.  Remember that it takes eight weeks for this plan to break even.  You earn your profit from this plan during the 9th and 10th weeks.  On the other hand, Plan #2 is more flexible.  You can quit it any time after 10 days with no penalty.  That could be a nice feature if, for any reason, you begin to feel uneasy about the viability of the program and feel it’s time to leave it. 


Dexau Enterprise offers two investment plans.  They are long term (although the length of one of the plans can be chosen by the investor) and pay returns that are modest by HYIP standards.  These modest returns would appear to make investment in these plans a relatively low-risk venture.  So, this program will appeal to the conservative investor who will be satisfied with a modest long-term passive income.  It will definitely not appeal to the investor looking for high short-term profits. 


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