The WildRest Investment Plans.

In our “First Thoughts” article about Wild Rest, we provided a complete summary of the company’s two investment plans.  So that we will have everything in one place when we do this review of the program, I’ll reproduce what we said in the First Thoughts article here:

Wild Rest offers two very different investment plans for the online investor.  Both are 20 days long and, again in both cases, your investment is returned as part of your earnings.  One of the plans pays 9.6% interest per day while the other pays a flat 280% at the end of the plan.  It looks like the minimum investment is $20 while the maximum is $20,000 — for both plans.

Here’s the important information about the investment plans in table format:

Lite Rest Plan
9.6% per day for 20 days

Wild Rest Plan
280% after 20 days

Analysis of the Wild Rest Investment Plans.

Let’s look at the Lite Rest Plan First.  Since you receive a gross interest of 9.6% per day and the length of the plan is 20 days, the total GROSS interest that you will receive is 192% (20 x 9.6).  This includes your investment.  So, you must subtract 100% from this to get your total NET interest.  The result is 92%.  Finally, averaging this out over the 20-day length of the investment plan, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of 4.6%.  If you divide 100% by the 9.6% percent of your investment that you receive every day, you will get the number of days it takes the investment plan to break even.  Doing this division, you get that the plan will break even in 10.4 days.

For the Wild Rest Plan, since you don’t receive any return until the plan ends after 20 days, that’s when you will break even.  The total GROSS interest that you receive is 280%.  Subtracting 100% from this, you get a total NET interest of 180%.  Dividing this by the 20-day length of the investment plan, you get a DNI of 9%.  Since this investment plan doesn’t provide a return until it ends, that’s, obviously, when you will break even — after 20 days.

Here are these results in summary form:

Plan                       DNI                        Days to break even

Lite Rest               4.6%                      10.4 days
Wild Rest             9%                          20 days


As a preliminary note, I should point out that the Lite Rest Plan actually pays interest on an HOURLY basis, at the rate of 0.4% per hour.  This converts to the 9.6% per day that we have been using.  There is a slight advantage to hourly payments.  For example, usually when determining the number of days for an investment plan to break even, we round UP to eliminate fractional parts of days.  However, in this case, you will note that, for the Lite Rest Plan, we indicated that the plan breaks even in 10.4 days.  This is correct and a person will break even in 10 days plus around 10 hours.

Let’s start with the good points first…

It looks like the minimum investment required for both the investment plans is a very affordable $20.  So, the choice of which, if any, of the Wild Rest Plans to invest in will depend on other factors — which is what we’ll get into next.

The Lite Rest Plan is the best TYPE of investment plan to get involved with.  You receive a substantial portion of your investment back every day (in this case, roughly 10%).  This enables you to break even quickly (in a little over 10 days, in this case).  Most important, the portion of your investment that is at risk decreases very quickly.  If you break even in roughly 10 days, that implies you receive half of your investment back in only five days or so.

On the other hand, the Wild Rest Plan might be the worst type of investment plan to get involved with because your investment and earnings are held until the completion of the plan.  In this case, the investor will have to “bite his nails” for roughly three weeks with the hope that the program will survive long enough for him to receive a return.  We refer to this type of investment plan as an “After” plan.

So, why would anyone want to use the Wild Rest Plan?  There’s a simple answer!  It is twice as profitable!  Compare the DNIs: 4.6% vs. 9%!   This is the way HYIPs almost always work.  If you would like to earn more, you must take a greater risk.  The decision that the investor will make will depend on his investment personality.  These are the facts.  You must decide how to make use of them.

But here is the most important piece of information.  In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that the long-term survivability of programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher than 2% might be at risk.  The reason is simple arithmetic.  The higher the returns that a program promises its investors, the greater the financial burden on the company.  Well, the DNIs of the two Wild Rest investment plans are considerably higher than this 2% recommendation.  Of course, this is only our OPINION.  We would like to think that the administrators of Wild Rest have things worked out such that they can sustain their investment plans in the long term.  However, if nothing else, the potential investor with this program should do his “due diligence” and, perhaps, be a bit more cautious that he would normally be.

Earnings Examples.

Let’s assume an investment of $100 in each of the two investment plans and compare what happens in the two cases.

For the Lite Rest Plan, you will receive 9.6% of your investment, or $9.60, daily.  After 10 days and 10 hours, you will have received exactly $100 (10 x 9.6 + 10 x 0.4) and you will have broken even.  After 20 days, you will have received a total of $192 (20 x 9.6) for a total net profit of $92.

For the Wild Rest Plan, you will receive a flat 280% of your investment, or $280 (2.8 x 100), after 20 days.  So, your net profit, in this case, will be $180.

As we indicated earlier when comparing the DNIs of the two investment plans, the Wild Rest Plan is twice as profitable as the Lite Rest Plan — and maybe twice as risky.


Wild Rest is a new program.  It appears that they don’t provide any information concerning their source of funds.  They offer two very different investment plans, one paying interest daily and the other withholding both interest and principal until the end of the plan.  Both plans are very lucrative, with the “After” type of plan being twice as profitable as the plan that pays interest on a daily basis.  This program would appear to be for the adventuresome investor who hopes for high profits in a short period of time.  It will probably not appeal to the more conservative investor.


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