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Let’s begin our discussion of the four Yesss Capital investment plans that we focused on in Part 1 of this review by repeating the basic information about them as well as what we found out about in Part 1 .

Here’s the basic information:

.8% daily for 555 trading days (777 calendar days)
$25 and up
Earnings paid daily
Investment returned at end of plan

1% daily for 120 trading days (168 calendar days)
$750 and up
Earnings paid daily
Investment returned at end of plan

Classic #1
3% daily for 120 trading days (168 calendar days)
$1,000 and up
Earnings paid at end of plan
Investment returned at end of plan

Premium #1

7,777% after 120 trading days (168 calendar days)
$1,250 and up
Earnings paid at end of plan
Investment returned at end of plan

Here’s what we found out in Part 1:

Plan                 Breakeven point in trading days

Starter             125 days (171 calendar days)
Beginner         100 days (137 calendar days)
Classic #1        120 days (168 calendar days)
Premium #1    120 days (168 calendar days)

Plan                 DNI

Starter             .59%
Beginner         .73%
Classic #1        2.2%
Premium #1     46.29%

We should probably first discuss the minimum investments required for the Yesss Capital investment plans.  In Part 1 of the review, we already indicated that 15 out of the 19 plans require a minimum investment of $10,000 or more.  We decided not to discuss these plans because an investment of this magnitude is probably out of reach of almost all online investors — and it also might not be a wise thing to invest this much money into ANY online investment program.  Of the four investment plans that we are focusing on, the Classic #1 and Premium #1 plans have minimum investments of $1,000 or more.  Even this is rather high for most online investors.  Likewise, the Beginner plan with a minimum of $750 is also bit high.  The only plan that is truly affordable is the Starter plan that has a minimum of only $25.  So, as mentioned earlier, the Yesss Capital investment program appears to be primarily aimed at the wealthier and more adventuresome investor.

Next let’s discuss the TYPES of investment plans offered by Yesss Capital.  We already noted that only two of the 19 plans pay earnings on a daily basis.  All of the other plans withhold earnings and pay them as a lump sum at the end of the investment plan.  This is even true of some of the plans that calim to earn interest on a daily basis.  In the HYIP business, we refer to these types of plans as “After” plans.  In addition, ALL of the Yesss Capital investment plans wait until the end of the plan to return your investment.  The point is that 17 out of the 19 plans do not pay any return at all until the end of the investment plan.  Only the Starter and Beginner plans pay daily earnings.  So, the investor will “bite his nails” a lot with these investment plans hoping that the program survives until the end of the plan that he has put his money into.

Moving on, let’s discuss break even points.  Due to its rather low gross daily interest of .8%, it takes the Starter plan 125 working days (171 calendar days) to break even.  This is close to a half year.  Note that this plan runs for a full 555 working days (777 calendar days).  This is over two years!  I must note that I have not yet seen an HYIP that has survived that long.  However, in fairness, Yesss Capital claims to have been in business since 2015.  So, maybe they can, indeed, fulfill obligations to investors in this plan.  The Beginner plan breaks even in 100 working days (137 calendar days).  This is somewhat more reasonable than the Starter plan.  However, 137 calendar days is more than four months.  So, it is still a long wait.  Both the Classic #1 and Premium #1 plans don’t pay earnings until the plans end after 120 working days (168 calendar days).  As is true of ALL the Yess Capital investment plans, this is also when your investment is returned to you.  So, we are talking about close to a half year before you receive any return at all.  In HYIP world, this is a long time to wait.  Again, a lot of “nail biting.”  One can only hope that Yesss Capital will be able to sustain its track record of long-term survival.

Finally, let’s discuss the interest rates that the four investment plans we are discussing promise to pay you.  We will be referring to the DNI for each of the plans.  Please keep in mind that, in determining all these DNIs, we assumed that the program will survive until the plans end.  For a plan that is a half year long or, in the case of the Starter plan, two years long, this might be a big assumption.  Concerning appropriate values for DNI, in HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher than around 2% might not have a very good chance of long term survival.  In addition, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs of less that 1% might be good survivors.  However, obviously, the lower the DNI, the less lucrative a plan becomes.  In general, high profit goes along with high risk and vice versa.

The Starter plan has a very modest DNI of .59%.  So, on the average, multiplying this by seven, your weekly profit from this plan (assuming it survives for the two-year period), will be around 4%.  So, you will have to think about the probability of the program surviving this long.  The DNI for the Beginner plan is somewhat larger, at .73%, which equates to a weekly profit of around 5%, again assuming that the program survives for the half-year investment period.  Moving up to the Classic #1 plan (that doesn’t pay a return until its completion after a half year of so), you have a DNI of 2.2%, which is starting to become lucrative with an average weekly profit of around 15%.  This DNI is starting to get into the range that could jeopardize long-term survival of the program.  Finally, we have the Premium #1 investment plan with an amazing DNI of 46.29%.  This is close to 50% profit per DAY or 324% per week! One wonders if such a return is really possible.  The guarantee of such returns definitely puts the Yesss Capital investment program into the high-risk category.

Earnings Examples.

As an example, let’s compare what happens with a rather large investment of $2,000 in both the Beginner and Premium #1 plans.  Both of these plans are 120 trading days long.

For the Beginner Plan, you receive a return of 1% per trading day or $20 (.01 x 2,000).  You can see that after 100 trading days, you will have received a total of $2,000 (100 x 20) and will have broken even.  Multiplying by our conversion factor of 30/22, you see that it took 137 days (around 4.5 months) to break even.  The plan ends after 120 trading days (168 calendar days or around 5.6 months) at which time you will have accumulated a total of $2,400 (20 x 120).  This is all NET profit because your investment of $2,000 will also be returned to you at this time.

For the Premium #1 plan, you will simply receive a net profit of 7,777% at the end of 120 trading days (168 calendar days) investment period.  This comes to $155,540 (77.77 x 2,000).  In addition, your investment of $2,000 will be returned to you at this time.

Needless to say, there is no comparison between the two investment plans.  For the same investment and time period, the Beginner plan pays you a profit of $2,400 while the Premium #1 plan pays you a profit of $155,540.  A truly amazing difference.


Yesss Capital offers a total of 19 investment plans.  Only four of them have minimum investments of less than $10,000 and can be expected to be popular with online investors.  Of these four, are all long term (five months or more) and do not return your investment till the end of the plan.  Two of the four pay returns on a daily basis while the other two withhold earnings until the end of the plan.  Three of the plans offer earnings that are conservative to slightly lucrative while one of the plans offers earnings that are truly astronomical.  This puts the Yesss Capital program in the category that might primarily be of interest to the very adventuresome investor.

I hope this information is helpful.


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