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The Yesss Capital Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article we made a few preliminary comments about the Yesss Capital investment plans that I’ll repeat here:

Yesss Capital offers an amazing 19 investment plans!  They are presented very clearly and there are even a number of well-written section paragraphs introducing the plans.

When you look at the details of the various investment plans, you discover a number of important factors.  Four that stand out are:

  1. Many of the investment plans are very lucrative!
  2. The minimum investments for all but four of the plans are greater than $10,000. So, this program would appear to be aimed at the wealthier investor who is willing to take a chance by putting a large sum of money into an online investment program.  We always recommend against doing this unless you feel that a company has a proven track record of success and can demonstrate that it is as well-established as your neighborhood bank or a corporation that you would like to buy stock shares from.  Yesss Capital might, indeed, be in this category.  You will have to do your own due diligence and make the decision.
  3. Only two of the investment plans return your earnings on a daily basis.  All of the others return them at the end of the plans.  We refer to this type of a plan as an “After” plan and it is obviously riskier than the type of plan that returns your earnings when you earn them — usually on a daily basis.
  • None of the investment plans return your investment until the end of a plan. This also increases the riskiness of the plans.

In light of the second comment above, I’m going to focus this review on the four investment plans for which the minimum investment is less than $10,000.  These will definitely be the most popular plans that are offered by Yesss Capital.  If you have more that $10,000 “burning a hole in your pocket” that you would like to invest online, please go to the website and do some research.  There are 15 more plans that might be of interest to you!

OK, this said, here is the essential information on the four Yesss Capital investment plans that we will take a closer look at:

.8% daily for 555 trading days (777 calendar days)
$25 and up
Earnings paid daily
Investment returned at end of plan

1% daily for 120 trading days (168 calendar days)
$750 and up
Earnings paid daily
Investment returned at end of plan

Classic #1
3% daily for 120 trading days (168 calendar days)
$1,000 and up
Earnings paid at end of plan
Investment returned at end of plan

Premium #1
7,777% after 120 trading days (168 calendar days)
$1,250 and up
Earnings paid at end of plan
Investment returned at end of plan

A very nice feature of the website is that there are drop-down descriptions for each of the investment plans that give complete information on them.  Not only do these descriptions include the foregoing information, they also include a calculator that can be used to compute the return for any investment amount that you might contemplate putting into one of the Yesss Capital investment plans.

Analysis of the Yess Capital Investment Plans.

For the Starter plan, if you divide 100% by the .8% return, you find that the plan breaks even in 125 trading days.  Since there are roughly 22 trading days in a 30 calendar day month, multiplying 125 by 30/22, you find that this is equivalent to around 171 calendar days.  If you do the same division for the Beginner plan, you get that that plan breaks even in exactly 100 trading days or, using the same conversion factor of 30/22, in around 137 calendar days.  Note that, for both of these investment plans, you will also have your investment returned to you when the plan ends.  So, both plans break even before they end (this is not always the case for plans that return your investment to you at their conclusion).

Both the Classic #1 and Premium #1 plans do not pay your earnings until the plans end.  So, that is obviously when these plans break even.

Here’s this information in summary form:

Plan                 Break even point in trading days

Starter             125 days (171 calendar days)
Beginner        100 days (137 calendar days)
Classic #1        120 days (168 calendar days)
Premium #1    120 days (168 calendar days)

Next, let’s determine the average daily net interest that you will earn from each of these investment plans.  Both the Starter and Premium plans return your investment at the end of the plans.  So, making the big assumption (the plans are four to almost six months long!), that the program will survive until the investment plans end, all of your daily earnings are pure profit; your earnings are your average daily net interest.  However, these values are based on trading days.  You must divide these values by our conversion factor of 30/22 to get the daily net interest in calendar days.  For the Starter plan, dividing .8% by 30/22, we get a DNI of .59%.  Similarly, for the Beginner plan, we get a DNI of .73%.

For the Classic #1 plan, with earnings of three times those of the Beginner plan, your DNI will naturally be three times as great, or around 2.2%.  However, it is important to remember that, for this investment plan, you will not receive any of your earnings until the plan ends almost six months later.  For the Premium #1 plan, the 7,777% return that you receive at the end of the plan is in addition to your investment that is returned to you at the same time.  So, it is your total net interest.  To get the daily net interest or DNI, you simply divide this by the 168 calendar day length of the plan to get an amazing 46.29%.

In summary, we have the following:

Plan                 DNI

Starter             .59%
Beginner         .73%
Classic #1        2.2%
Premium #1     46.29%

Needless to say, the results of our little analysis of these four of the Yesss Capital investment plans are very interesting.  We will discuss them at length and try to draw some useful conclusions about the program in Part 2 of our review.  Please stand by.  It should be ready in a few days.


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