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CoinExtender recently made a change in their program that I believe will make it a lot more popular.  They have added Bitcoin to the list of payment methods that they accept (second website version was launched).  You may recall that, previously, the investor was restricted to the use of Dogecoin — which is not one of the most popular cryptos.  In addition, CoinExtender has upgraded their listing from “Silver” to “Gold.”  This should also add to the popularity of the program by giving it slightly better exposure on our monitor.  All of this is enough to merit a second review of the program.  It looks like the format of the CoinExtender investment plans is basically the same as it was before.  However, let’s take a closer look…

The CoinExtender Investment Plans.

Like before, CoinExtender offers a total of nine investment plans.  Again, they are all 90 days long and return your investment as part of your earnings.  They also have the same names as before.  Finally, and also like before, the earnings rates are somewhat camouflaged.  For example, for the lowest interest Starter Plan, the website indicates that it has a minimum investment of 0.002 BTC and that you earn 0.00003 BTC per day for 90 days.  Well, what the investor will really want to know is his percent return.  Fortunately, this is very easy to determine.  You simply divide the daily return by the minimum investment (and multiply it by 100).  In this case you get 1.5%.  If you do this same arithmetic for all of the nine plans, you get the following results:

1.5% per day
.002 BTC- .005 BTC

1.55% per day
.005 BTC – .010 BTC

1.59% per day
.010 BTC – .025 BTC

1.62% per day
.025 BTC – .050 BTC

1.65% per day
.050 BTC – .100 BTC

1.68% per day
.100 BTC – .250 BTC

1.71% per day
.250 BTC – .350 BTC

1.74% per day
.350 BTC – .500 BTC

VIP Plus
1.77% per day
.500 BTC and up

It is still possible to invest with CoinExtender using Dogecoin.  The Dogecoin percent earnings are the same as they always have been, varying from a low of 1.45% in the Starter Plan to a high of 1.77% in the VIP Plus Plan.  So, the Bitcoin version of the CoinExtender investment plans is slightly more profitable — at last for the lower interest plans.  I won’t say anything else about the Dogecoin version that is in effect now as, with the exception of a few minor changes in the higher interest plans, it is the same as before.  Most important, the interest rates that that set of plans pays remains unchanged.

Analysis of the CoinExtender Investment Plans.

There are two items that we typically determine when analyzing investment plans: when they break even and the average daily net interest (DNI) that they pay over their lifetime.  The CoinExtender investment plans are very easy to understand and it is similarly very easy to determine these two quantities for them.  As an example, let’s look at the Starter Plan that pays a daily gross interest of 1.5%.  To determine breakeven point, you simply divide 100% by the 1.5% gross daily interest to get around 67 days.  To determine the DNI, you first determine the total gross interest that the plan pays by multiplying the daily gross interest by the number of days in the plan.  In this case, the result is 135% (1.5 x 90).  To get the total net interest paid by the plan, you must subtract 100% from this to account for the fact that the gross return includes your investment.  The result, of course, is 35%.  Finally, if you divide this by the 90-day length of the plan, you are averaging this total net income out over the days in the plan.  The result is a DNI of 0.39%.

Doing these calculations for all of the investment plans, you get the following results:

Plan                 Break Even      Total Gross Int             DNI

Starter             67 days            135.0%                                 0.39%
Basic                65 days            139.5%                                 0.44%
Standard          63 days            143.1%                                0.48%
Premium         62 days            145.8%                                 0.51%
Exclusive         61 days            148.5%                                 0.54%
Enterprise       60 days            151.2%                                 0.57%
Platinum          59 days            153.9%                                 0.60%
VIP                   58 days            156.6%                                  0.63%
VIP Plus           57 days            159.3%                                  0.66%

If you compare these figures with the analogous results for Dogecoin as found in the original review of the program, you will find differences that are the result of the higher returns that are paid in the lower interest plans for the Bitcoin set of investment plans.  Slightly faster to break even, slightly higher gross interest and slightly higher DNI.  However, for the highest interest plan, the VIP Plus Plan, the figures are the same.

OK, in Part 2 of this review of CoinExtender, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of this set of investment plans and try to draw some useful conclusions.  However, since the numbers that we have to work with are pretty much the same as we had in the Dogecoin version of the program, I expect that what we decide will be pretty much the same as we decided previously.  Please stand by…


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