Today, we are very happy to present an interview with the Admin of Zonders (reviewed here) to the readers of EmilyNews.  Interviews such as this are the Admin’s opportunity to provide additional information about his program and/or to clarify information in his website that might have confused some readers.  So, again, we are grateful to the Admin of Zonders for taking the time to answer our questions and hope that his responses will be helpful to you.  We note, specifically, that we asked some hard questions in this interview.  I am pleased to say that all of the answers that the Admin provided were very informative.

Hello Admin. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers of EmilyNews and tell us a little about your background?

Hello. I’m Roman. I am the administrator

What is your role in Zonders? We notice from information on the website that Zonders has activity in quite a number of diverse areas.  Can you give us an estimate of how many professionals are employed by Zonders?  If you would like to add information to what is given on the website concerning activities of the Zonders professional team, please feel free to do so.

There are a lot of specialists working in  in various fields. Traders, programmers, engineers and handymen, as well as a huge number of staff in the offices of our company. Much attention is paid to the site by the staff. Support of the site, programmers and engineers – without any of them, the work of the site would have been impossible. Also, much attention should be paid to marketers with them, thousands of our investors have the opportunity to earn money. We really appreciate our employees. I hold the position of one of the general directors of the company and am also responsible for the work related to the site and attracting new investors to our company.

In our reviews, we try to do two things: explain how a company generates the revenues it uses to pay earnings to its investors and also how a company’s investment plans work.  Concerning the first item, is there anything you would like to add to the information about your company that is given in your website?  The Zonders website has a bit more information about its activities on its website than the typical HYIP provides.  However, the investor would always like to know more…

We generate profit due to successful activity in the trading (stock exchange) . Funds depositors do not just lie in the accounts on the site. We use them to increase capital and each investor receives a percentage according to his plan. This is profitable for us and our investors – we get more money, and if properly handled, more money means more profit. At this time, our investors consistently receive passive income.

When we review a program, we devote most of our time to explaining to our readers how a company’s investment plans work and to explaining what we feel are their strong and weak points.  We notice that, since we reviewed the Zonders program, another investment plan has been added — the 225% plan.  This plan differs from the other plans that Zonders offers in that it returns the investors deposit as part of his earnings rather than make him wait until the end of the plan to have it returned.  This type of investment plan is less risky for the investor as he recovers his deposit on a regular basis and the portion of it that is at risk quickly decreases.  We believe that investors favor this type of investment plan and, for this reason, we recommend it.  Do you anticipate offering additional investment plans of this type? 

Unfortunately, the minimum investment of $3,000 for the 225% plan will be beyond the reach of most investors.  To follow up with the question in item 4, it would be a welcome addition to your investment plan offerings if more affordable versions of this type of investment plan could be offered.  Again, do you have plans for this type of plan offerings?

At the moment we are focused on other tasks. In terms of our plan, we are launching a special plan that we were able to do thanks to 5 months of work of our team. The 9% plan has a slightly higher amount to get started. Many of our investors decided to use it not because of security or risk reduction, but because of getting more income. Unfortunately, plans of this type for smaller amounts are not expected because the deposits that our investors make are used to trade on the market and stock exchanges, and to have deposits that require payments of 5-10% per day is very inconvenient.

In presentation of the Zonders’ investment plans, the website gives the total gross interest that each plan pays.  It also indicates that most of them pay returns on a daily basis.  However, it does not give the DAILY percent return.  This is a very important piece of information for the investor.  Of course, many investors can determine this for themselves.  But, some cannot.  So, it would be helpful if this information can be provided on the website.  Is it possible for this change to be made?

We receive letters with various options for improving the site, adding features and entering languages. If you carefully followed us you could see the changes. But we were never told for this moment. There are no hidden subtexts on the site and investors get exactly what is written. We will think about this, thanks for another idea how to make the site more understandable.

When we reviewed the Zonders program, we determined that the average daily interest that the 156% and 170% investment plans pay are essentially the same; they are equally profitable.  The typical investor will not realize this because the daily net interest that a plan pays is camouflaged by the advertised total gross interest and the differing investment terms.  This is the type of information that we try to uncover in our program reviews.  Was this done accidentally when the investment plans were designed?  If it was done on purpose, what was the reason?  We suggest that one of these two investment plans be eliminated and, perhaps, replaced by something else.

They are not the same as it may seem at first glance. After analyzing the plans, you will understand that the 156% plan has a smaller amount to enter and a smaller maximum amount. Large investors prefer a plan of 170% to this plan. They can make a longer profit.

In our review, we determined that the 350% investment plan pays a very high average daily net interest of around 4%.  Do you anticipate having problems meeting your obligations to pay investor earnings of this magnitude?  A quick calculation tells me that the 225% plan will pay an average daily net interest of around 3.5%.  This is similarly high.

There is no problem with this. The plan allows us to use the funds of the investor in the market for a long time, it is very convenient and the percentage we give for it is quite good.

Other than these two plans, we also noted in our review that interest rates paid in the other four plans, while still being lucrative, appear to be in the range that could lead to long-term survivability of the Zonders’ program.  The fact that the program has been online for nearly five months seems to indicate that you are being successful in this regard.  Concerning all this, have you taken any special measures to insure that Zonders will be among the very few programs that survive for a long long time?  This is, of course, the most important thing on the mind of the HYIP investor. 

Can you tell us about future plans for Zonders? Do you have specific growth goals? How about special advertising programs?

Yes, this is a short time, I would say we are just starting. Before that, we were only looking for investors and promoting our program. Ahead there are a lot of plans for improving the site, introducing new languages and systems and developing us as a company opening new offices in many countries around the world for business presentations to attract investors and much more.

We try hard to be fair and honest with everything that we publish in the EmilyNews blog.  We see our goal as primarily explaining how investment programs work in a way that is both informative to the investor and fair to the program.  Is there anything that we can do to improve our service to investment program Admins like yourself?

In turn, you must select good and quality projects on your blog. Maximum honesty and openness both with investors and with the administration of HYIP projects. This is one of the important details. More interesting articles on the blog, just do not interfere.

Can you tell us why you decided to advertise your program on EmilyNews?

I have long been familiar with your blog. We try to cover the market of HYIP industry as much as possible. And your blog as one of the sites that is great and does its job.

Finally, is there anything else that you would like to add? This interview is your chance to say something that you might have overlooked in your website presentation.  Also, please feel free to add comments or clarification on anything that we might have said in our review of Zonders.

I wish you further prosperity, decent projects on the blog and stability, which is also important in our time.

I wish your readers to learn how to properly choose HYIPs for investing, to always have a positive and optimistic attitude and remain prudent in any situation.


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