Today, we are very happy to present an interview with the Admin of Gippo Miners (reviewed here) to the readers of EmilyNews.  Interviews such as this are the Admin’s opportunity to provide additional information about his program and/or to clarify information in his website that might have confused some readers.  We feel that this is an especially informative interview.  We asked what we feel were some very difficult and probing questions about the set-up of the Gippo Miners mining operation.  The answers that the Admin provided were more than satisfactory and gave us additional insights into the operation of the company.  I feel that the reader of this interview will feel very comfortable about investing with Gippo Miners afterward.  So, please take the time to read through all of the interview; it will be time well spent.  We are very grateful to the Admin of Gippo Miners for taking the time to participate in this interview and hope that you will be as pleased with his responses to our questions as we were.

And, now to our interview…

Hello Admin. Can you please introduce yourself to the readers of EmilyNews and tell us a little about your background?

Hi Emily. I’m Taradon Kriwichet –the GIPPO’s CEO. I graduated computer engineering and got an interest in Bitcoin 8 years ago. I am also “Certified Bitcoin Specialist (CBP)” Certification number 1c7164 from Crypto Currency Certification Consortium ,

What is your role in Gippo Miners? Can you tell us how many other professional staff members are involved with the company and what their roles are?

I am the CEO and currently, we have  32 staffs now. We have the Customer Service team, Social Media team, Mining Engineer, Web Developer, Graphic designer, Blockchain Specialist, and other support team e.g. HR, Account, Finance.

In our reviews, we try to do two things: explain how a company generates the revenues it uses to pay earnings to its investors and also how a company’s investment plans work.  Concerning the first item, is there anything you would like to add to the information about your company that is given in your website? Specifically, we would be grateful if you would clarify the status of your mining operations.  A recent Facebook post indicated that you are about to begin construction of your FIRST mining facility and that it will utilize power generated from a floating solar array. However, your website indicates that you already have mining facilities in place in a number of countries and even shows a video of a rather large solar farm along with a warehouse full of mining equipment.  This information appears to be contradictory and we would be grateful if you would provide clarification.

Alright…The latest post from our Facebook page is about our first Floating Solar Array. Actually, we already have two sites with on land Solar system and they are using 1 MW of power each. The cost is in around 1,000$/BTC. Therefore, the profit return from our investment plan have no risk or we will take the risk even BTC price lower than 1,000$/BTC.

Currently, our machines have mix models, from S9i/j, S11 and T15 and currently with our first phase project, we have 1,200 running excluding the GPU mining machines which mine ALT Coins.

Related to this, if, as the Facebook indicates, the floating solar farm will be used to run your first crypto mining farm, where are you presently doing your crypto mining?

This area located in Central of Thailand for floating system and both the 2 land solar sites are located in North-Eastern and Central as well.

We feel that the use of solar power is a very good idea.  However, bright sun isn’t always available and, of course, in any 24-hour period, sun is probably only sufficient for power generation for eight hours or so.  Readers might be interested to know how you obtain power when it is not available from solar? Are you connected to a central grid? Do you store energy in batteries?  Other means?

Typically, solar system is able to stock energy even from sun shades in just 5-7 Hrs. to supply power for 24 hours of the mining operation, and we have back-up battery and will upgrade soonest to a new-edge energy storage system.

When we review a program, we devote most of our time to explaining to our readers how a company’s investment plans work and to explaining what we feel are their strong and weak points.  Specifically, when reviewing your program, we noted that the interest paid for your investment plans is somewhat lower than that paid by most HYIPs. We feel that this is a GOOD idea as it should increase the probability of your program being able to survive in the long-term.  Is this the reason that you selected the interest rates that you are using?

Actually, we don’t want to conclude that we are counted as HYIP platform because we didn’t pay much high yield. I hired a business developer before we launch the platform we did many researches to make and run the biz in long term solution.

Something that we liked about your website presentation is its simplicity. This is what some people refer to as the KISS approach (meaning, Keep It Simple, Stupid!).  If we may make a suggestion, it would be that, if you do make changes to your program, do it in a manner that doesn’t harm this simple straight-forward type of presentation.  Oftentimes, it is difficult to follow the presentation of an HYIP because it is needlessly complicated. Perhaps you would like to comment on the thoughts behind this flavor of your website presentation.

Yes, we try our best to make it simple to all edge-users. Advertising/marketing is the big or important stuff concerning to client trust ability.

Here at EmilyNews, we try to only list programs that we feel have a decent chance of long-term survival.  And, in our reviews, we give our readers our opinion as to what we think a program’s chances for survival are.  Concerning all this, have you taken any special measures to insure that your program will be among the very few that survive for a long long time?  This is, of course, the most important thing on the mind of the HYIP investor.

We are real investment platform and all of our mining farm always are transparent and we welcome all investors to visit and see our physical resources. (Just contact us for that). That’s our aim to prolong the life of this business.

Can you explain how you handle withdrawal requests? Are they handled manually or automatically? How long does it take to process a request? Do you process withdrawal requests on weekends? Do you anticipate situations where there might be long delays in processing withdrawal requests?

We have configured the withdraw system instantly and only ticket support which perform by human. The withdrawal takes after 24-hour period. Here in Gippominers, we offer daily profits, 7 days a week and withdrawal is non-stop until the users finish their contract with us. We have stated in our terms and conditions ( ) that we can’t guarantee the delays from the blockchain as we don’t control it.

Can you tell us about security measures you have taken to protect your website from hackers and other threats?

We have SSL, EV SSL DDoS protection and on process of Green Bar approval which will available this week. Plus we have our 24/7 IT staffs monitoring our system and servers. All money are kept in my cold wallet (Ledger Nano) which you don’t need to worry that hackers could get into it. They can’t access the wallet even I have gone (Pass a way, Ha Ha Ha) investors’ money still in safe.

What does the future look like to you for Gippo Miners? Do you have specific growth goals? How about special advertising programs?

Yep, we are setting up our company in top 15 cheapest electricity in the world and will do the mining farm there. Our goal is that we will be one of the super nodes. This main target

The second goal, we would like to create a crypto ecosystem. Currently, we are renovating GIPPO Mini mart, GIPPO Café, and all of them accept many core coin e.g. BTC, ETH, LTC, Doge and so on… We are now doing business feasibility to offer international franchising. That’s means we are creating globally ecosystem.

Currently, we are advertising online for now, in social medias, and any other websites because we operate online, the most clients are everywhere in this world and we need to reach-out for them.

We try hard to be fair and honest with everything that we publish in the EmilyNews blog.  We see our goal as primarily explaining how investment programs work in a way that is both informative to the investor and fair to the program.  Is there anything that we can do to improve our service to investment program Admins like yourself?

I personally follow your blog for a long time Emily, and I really like that you always tell every investor the truth. Thank you very much for giving us the chance to be on your list.

Can you tell us why you decided to advertise your program on EmilyNews?

As explain above that I follow your blogs for long time and I like the way you work. You are fair to every platform you list in your website.

Finally, is there anything else that you would like to add? This interview is your chance to say something that you might have overlooked in your website presentation.  Also, please feel free to add comments or clarification on anything that we might have said in our review of Gippo Miners.

Alright, thank you very much for this.  I myself jump into Crypto industrial for long time since BTC price was only 10$ and all we know that blockchain and crypto currency have many things to improve especially knowledge including many countries’ govt. didn’t clearly understand what it is…  We/GIPPO would like to be part to improve those obstruction issues.

Thank you very much – CEO Taradon Kriwichet


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