RotorFinance – new TRIAL list platform that was added on EN several days ago. Based on public stats they launched on February 3, 2024. At the moment it has been running for 23 days, monitored by EN for 5 days.

Let’s check what this platform claims of itsef:

The cryptocurrency market has reached unprecedented proportions in recent years.
The financial breakthrough of the 21st century has brought mankind to a new stage of development and, accordingly, high competition in the technology and research market. Since 2021 Rotor Finance has been actively engaged in trust management in Central and Eastern Europe and now worldwide!

This experience has been the basis for the development and understanding of Rotor Finance‘s future trading strategy.Having received high profit percentages and feedback from participants, the company entered the Internet space with the idea to give people a unique opportunity to increase their funds on the services we offer, such as spot trading, trading of open-ended contracts (derivatives), inverse trading, margin trading, in order to earn on our platform you do not need to understand the principles of the exchange, as trust management directly implies that your funds will be managed by experienced traders of Rotor Finance.

Not that much, right? Well, let’s check what plans they offer:

1.5% daily for 5 days, (min. $10), Principal back

2% daily for 10 days, (min. $750), Principal back

2.5% daily for 15 days, (min. $1500), Principal back

That’s pretty simple to see what plan will be used by majority of investors. The first one (1.5% daily for 4 days) will be the most popular, for sure, during the whole lifetime of the program. 

With time we can see more plans offered and some of you, dear investors, will be able to try them too.  

I remind you that we do NOT provide detailed review for “Trial” listing hyips, but, we will take into account all the news and updates from it to keep you up to date as it always goes on EN.

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