Aerobit – new TRIAL list platform that was added on EN a few days ago. Based on public stats they launched on February 9, 2024. At the moment it has been running for 7 days.

Let’s check what this platform claims of itsef:

Fully Secured Company

The security of your account is our priority, we have installed an anti brute-force system.


Our SSL certificate is renewed every 3 months


DDOS attacks are common, so we’ve invested in a large structure to protect us

Due to the specific nature of the company, Aerobit allows you to conclude contracts.

Not that much, right? Usually platforms create bigger articles to describe their plans for the future , what they are and for what did they come here – so called “legend”. Well, it’s not done here and this is neither advantage nor disadvantage, just as fact.

Let’s check what plans they offer:

10% Daily for 12 days, (min. $25)

1.7% Daily for 30 days, (min. $25)

2% Daily for 30 days, (min. $25)

2,5% Daily for 30 days, (min. $25)

300% After 30 days (min. $25)

Based on the min. deposit amount that’s pretty hard to predict what plan will be used the most among (even first coming) investors. Each one will defenitely think (as you must always do) about his own Risk/Reward Ratio and based on preferences choose the suitable one.

But 😉 , based on daily returns, i still might guess, that at least 50%+ first coming investors will try the “10% daily for 12 days” plan. 

I remind you that we do NOT provide detailed review for “Trial” listing hyips, but, we will take into account all the news and updates from it to keep you up to date as it always goes on EN.

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