When investors put their hard-earned money into an HYIP, their hope is always that the company will be around for a long long time.  If this happens, they will not only recover their investment, they will also make a handsome profit besides.  I have seen some HYIPs remain in business for well over a year and investors who got involved with them early-on made a LOT of money.

But, how can you predict which of the many HYIPs that come into existence will be one of these long-term survivors?  The quick answer is, “You can’t!”  We have written at length in HYIP Insights articles in an effort to provide “insights” into this dilemma.  We can’t tell for sure if an HYIP will be a winner.  However, there certainly are “clues” that point us in the right direction.

One of these clues is the average daily net interest (DNI) that the investment plans of an HYIP pay its investors.  DNI is simply the total profit that an investment plan pays averaged out over the number of days in the plan.  Of course, the higher the DNI, the more profit you earn from an investment plan.  This brings us to the title of this article: “How much profit makes sense?”

Although we have never directly answered this question is previous HYIP Insights articles, we HAVE answered it indirectly by suggesting limits on DNI such that the overall program will have a good chance for long term survival.

In HYIP Insights #12, we suggested the following:

DNI less than 1%.  Good chance for long term survival
DNI greater than 2%.  Poor chance for long term survival
DNI between 1% and 2%.  Other factors become important

Let’s translate DNI into percent profit per week.  When we review a new HYIP, we often talk about weekly profit.  As far as I’m concerned, this is an easy number to relate to.  It really doesn’t say anything different that DNI; it just says it in a different way.

DNI is average daily profit over the life of an investment plan.  Weekly profit is simply seven times this (since there are seven days in a week).  So, let’s multiply some “typical” values for DNI by seven and see what we come up with:

DNI                                        Weekly Profit
0.5%                                      3.5%
1.0%                                      7.0%
1.5%                                      10.5%
2.0%                                      14.0%

Going back to our list relating DNI to survivability of a program and comparing it to the above, you can see that programs having investment plans with 7% or less weekly profit would appear to have the best chance of long-term survival whereas programs with 14% or more weekly profit might have a poor chance.

Referring to the previous listing, many HYIP investors (except for the very conservative ones!) might not be content with a weekly profit of 3.5% (it would take around 29 weeks — 7 months — to break even!).  In my mind (my opinion!), 5% might be a lower limit to aim at.  As an upper limit, it might not be a good idea to get too close to the 14% ceiling in the previous listing.  Perhaps 10% might be a “safe” upper limit.  You can see that I’m trying to simplify things by suggesting round numbers!  If you agree with my thinking, it would seem that a weekly profit of between 5% and 10% might be something sensible to aim for.  Do you agree?

As I indicated above, the very conservative investor might be content with a weekly profit of less than 5%.  On the other hand, the adventuresome investor might not be content with even 10%; he might be more interested in HYIPs offering investment plans that promise returns of twice this — or even more.  So, you might say that our suggestion of between 5% and 10% as a sensible weekly profit is a sort of “middle of the road” recommendation.  We feel that it is high enough so that the return is satisfactory but not so high that the survival of the program is obviously at risk.

Finally, as a sort of disclaimer, always remember that in the HYIP business truly anything can happen.  Sometimes programs offering investment plans with extremely high interest rates survive very well while others offering very low interest rates close early.  These situations are completely unpredictable.  Thankfully, they are uncommon.

We hope that this information will be helpful to you.


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