And, Additional Security When Changing Wallet Address.

WestLand Storage (reviewed here)has just announced that they will provide very hefty financial assistance to folks that offer a conference in their city.  What do I mean by “hefty?”  Often, in the past, if you organize a conference, the HYIP behind it might reimburse you for expenses and you would have to make a profit by means of referral commissions from people that sign up at the conference.  Well, WestLand Storage will not only reimburse you for your expenses, it will also give you a cash award of up to $10,000 depending on the success of your conference.  That’s getting significant and, if you are interested in recruiting, is a very good reason to think seriously about organizing a conference in your city.  The announcement doesn’t say so specifically, but I have a feeling that WestLand Storage will also help you out with the other details of putting a successful conference together.  I would almost guarantee that this would include providing a PowerPoint presentation that could be used.  If all of this intrigues you, contact the WestLand Storage support team for further information.

Conferences became more profitable. And the system is safer.

Today we would like to share with you two excellent news. One of them concerns conferences, which you can organize and earn on it, and the second one will deal with improving security measures. Conferences have become much more profitable, and the system is safer!


We suggest you to organize a WestLand Storage conference in your city. This is a great opportunity for you to earn! Now during the conference you get:

– Reimbursement of all expenses
– Cash award up to $10,000
– Bonuses up to 5,000 WLS

The better the conference you organize and the more guests it collected, the more reward you will get.

So for example Valdis Petersons organized a conference in Riga, Latvia and got $7,000 for it. His conference can serve as an excellent example. Look at the report here. –

But you can do better! Write to our support team if you want to organize a conference and you will be told about everything in detail.

2F Authentication when changing the wallet address

Many clients of the company asked about addition of protection levels at change of wallets in personal account. Now when changing the address of the wallet, the system will request a one-time code, as well as at the time of logging into the account itself.

This will protect you from hackers and avoid changing the address of your wallet and further losing money.

That’s all for today. How can we improve our website even more? Write about it in the comments.

The WestLand Storage Team


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