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WestLand Storage (reviewed here) just sent out an email announcing that they are starting a “Conference Tour.”  This might not be the entire story because, after you dig a little deeper, it might be the case that they are looking for members who are interested in hosting/organizing a conference by THEMSELVES.  It looks like WestLand Storage will provide the organizer with written material, PowerPoint presentation, and publicity on the website blog.  They also indicate that the conference organizer will also be reimbursed for expenses.

If you do some digging on the website, you will find that a number of conferences have already been scheduled for Kenya, Nigeria, and Ukraine.  The fact that a number of these conferences are close together DOES suggest that WestLand Storage might be involved with organizing them.  Perhaps there is even a speaker from WestLand Storage who will do a presentation at the conference.

I am going to repeat the email below.  However, it really doesn’t say very much.  If you are serious about organizing a conference, there are MANY questions you should get answered first.  These might include:

Allowable funds for hotel meeting hall
Allowable funds for food and entertainment
Availability of WestLand Storage personnel to assist (at no cost) with the conference organization
Availability of WestLand Storage personnel to assist (at no cost) with the conference presentation.
Allowable amount for travel costs of presenter(s)
Allowable amount for room and board costs of presenter(s)

There are probably other items.  The point is that the conference organizer should have a crystal-clear arrangement with WestLand Storage BEFORE the conference as to how all financial matters will be handled.  This is the only correct thing to do and it will eliminate countless future misunderstandings and problems.

WestLand Storage starts a conference tour!

WestLand Storage is a company with a worldwide reputation and practice. We work in many countries and we are not afraid of borders. In the age of digital technology, it became very easy for us to establish contact with our customers wherever they were, but does this mean that we do not need to meet with you personally? Of course not!

That is why we are launching a large tour of conferences that will take place in many countries and continents. At conferences, you can personally communicate with other clients of the company, learn a lot of new things and ask questions that interest you. It’s a chance to find like-minded people, friends and partners.

Our goal is to popularize DiceLand technology and find partners who are interested in our technology, its application in business and distribution around the world. The WestLand Storage team is looking for new qualified personnel that could become part of the team and take part in the further development of the technology. Anyone interested in our technology or working with us – will be welcome guests of our conferences.

We created a special page where you can find out everything you need about upcoming conferences, their venue and organizers. Also on this page you will find reports on already conducted conferences and find out how it was. Soon we will add information about upcoming conferences and let you know about it.

Do you want to organize a conference in your city? We will help you!

Use the button on the conference page or follow the link, so you’ll go to the page where the materials for the conference and the button for the call order are located. Once you are ready to hold the conference – just let us know. And after it is held and the report is submitted, we will reimburse all expenses and charge you bonuses WLS for the performance of Bounty!

For any questions related to the conference, please contact our support team and we will help you!

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