A Few More of the DDFutures Investment Plans Have Become Affordable.

We recently received an email from DDFutures indicating that they have lowered the investment limits on most of their investment plans.  They politely suggested that we might want to update our Review of their program to reflect these changes.  For starters, we will bring our readers up to date by means of this News Commentary.  Within the next week or so, we will develop a procedure for attaching a revision or update to a program review to insure that it is current.  This applies to other programs in addition to DDFutures.

The changes in the DDFutures investment plans are very simple to grasp because, as we already indicated. They only amount to changes in the program investment limits.

The first three DDFutures investment plans return your principal at the end of the plan.  Here are the present versions of these three plans (I’ve indicated the previous investment limits in parentheses).

2.1% for 20n days
$10 – $10,000 ($10 – $50,000)

2.5% for 35 days
$10,000 – $25,000 ($50,000 – $100,000)

3.5% for 55 days
$25,000 – $200,000 ($100,000 – $200,000)

The second five DDFutures investment plans return your principal as part of your earnings.  Here they are (again with the previous investment limits in parentheses)

650% after 25 days
$3,000 – $10,000 ($70,000 – $700,000)

15,000% after 45 days
$1,500 – $50,000 ($45,000 – $400,000)

3,000% after 60 days
$500 – $25,000 ($20,000 – $200,000)

555% after 11 days (VIP Plan)
$14,000 – $700,000 ($10,000 – $100,000)

1,555% after 25 days (VIP Plan)
$7,000 – $250,000 ($5,000 – $50,000)

My general impression is that the changes that DDFutures has made in its investment plans are a step in the right direction.  However, there is still a LONG way to go in order for the plans to be realistic to the average (and even above-average) online investor.

If you look at the previous investment limits, it is easy to see that only the first investment plan was within the reach of the typical HYIP investor.  Now, the first plan is still OK; the sixth, with a minimum investment of $500, might be OK for many online investors; and, maybe even the fifth plan with a minimum investment of $1,500 might be OK for the serious online investor.  Possibly a few investors might want to try their luck with the fourth plan having a minimum investment of $3,000.

As far as the other investment plans go, our policy at Emily News is to discourage folks from investing large amounts of money in ANY online HYIP.  The only exception I would make is if a company provides verifiable evidence of its existence and of the performance of its investment plans.  I am sorry to say that I have NEVER seen such information from an online HYIP.

There is another serious problem with the second group of five investment plans.  I am sure that I pointed this out in the original Review and it is an obvious issue.  Simply stated, these investment plans are extremely risky as the investor doesn’t recover a penny of his investment until the completion of the plan.

It is interesting to note that the investment limits for the two VIP plans have been INCREASED.  Weren’t they high enough to begin with?

For better or for worse, the bottom line might still be that, in light of the foregoing comments, and like with the original investment plans, the first plan will probably be the only one that will attract a significant number of investors.  Again, the improvements that were made in the program were a step in the right direction.  Perhaps it should have been a bigger step!


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