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We recently published a “First Thoughts” article about the Poublr online investment program.  In it we described their one investment plan in the following way:

The Poublr investment plan is extremely easy to understand.  All what happens is that your money is doubled in 100 hours.  For example, if you invest $200, then 100 hours later you will receive $400 back…

Poublr Investment Plan.

When we “analyze” an investment plan, we usually do two things: determine how long it takes to break even and calculate the average daily interest (DNI) that it pays you.  Concerning a breakeven point, since you don’t receive a return until the plan ends in 100 hours, that’s obviously when you break even.  Concerning DNI, let’s first convert 100 hours to days.  Dividing this by 24 (hours per day), you get that the plan is 4.17 days long.  The plan provides you with a total net profit of 100% in this time period.  If you average this return out over the 4.17 days. You get a DNI of 24%.


Let’s first talk about profitability and risk.  If you multiply DNI by seven, you get the average profit that this plan would pay you per week.  This is obviously a fictitious amount as the plan is barely four days long.  However, if a person invested in the program a number of times in succession, this is the level of profit that he could expect.  So, multiplying 24% by seven, we get a weekly profit of 168%.  Obviously, this is “off the chart.”  So, the plan is EXTREMELY profitable. 

The flip side of the coin is risk.  High profits always go along with high risk — simply because it is obviously more difficult for a program to pay a high return than a low one.  This brings the survivability of the program into question (as it always goes with HIGH ROI projects).  We generally recommend being cautious about getting involved with programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher than around 2%.  The Poublr plan is obviously a LOT higher than this ( that is why we hope that this admin is enough experienced to show stability and presperity to all investors 🙂 ).

*UPD: the 1st cycle has been already finished well and first investors are enjoying with their profits…

Although this is an “after” plan that doesn’t pay a return until after the plan is finished, this probably isn’t a very important factor since the plan is only four days long.  Of course, if the plan provided a daily return, that would be a far better situation for the investor as the portion of his investment that is at risk would decrease on a daily basis.


Poublr is an extremely lucrative online investment program which offers an investment plan that will double your money in only 100 hours.  The short duration of the plan is a carrot that will undoubtedly entice many adventuresome investors to try their luck at earning these exceptional returns.  Conservative investors will probably not be willing to take the risk.


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