In this article, I’m going to try to put numbers on everything.  I’m going to try to work out some numbers that will tell you when and why it is might be best to invest in a certain HYIP, as well as what HYIPs it might be best to avoid.  Of course, I realize that investing in HYIPs IS an unpredictable game.  However, what I’d like to do is take a look at LIKELY scenarios and see what will happen.  “Likely” implies the possibility of making mistakes.  So, please keep that in mind as you read what follows.

Let’s start with a few assumptions, some of them based on previous HYIP Insights articles:

1. We will assume that ALL HYIPs will close.  This is the case 99% of the time.  So, we must not hold out the hope of long-term survival when experience tells us otherwise.  Furthermore, we will assume that most will close WITHIN A MONTH or two.  This, also, is the unfortunate lesson of experience.

2. We will only invest in HYIPs that return your interest as part of your earnings.  In this manner, you will begin to recover your investment IMMEDIATELY after investing.  You can never lose ALL of your investment.  This is extremely important.  We discussed it in detail in HYIP Insights #18.

3. We will only invest in programs within ONE WEEK of their opening date online.  This helps guard against the typical early closure associated with most HYIPs.  The clock is ticking the minute a program begins.  So, it is very important to keep in touch with monitors such as Emily News and only invest in programs shortly after they get up and running.

4. We will only invest in an investment plan ONE TIME.  No reinvesting or compounding.  This decreases the risk associated with early closing.

5. We will NOT invest in programs offering investment plans that have daily net interests (DNIs) greater than 2%.  See HYIP Insights #12 for a detailed discussion of this.  An exception to this rule might be when a program offers an investment plan where the minimum investment required for this higher interest plan is so high that probably no one will use it.

6. We will only invest in programs that break even in LESS THAN one month.  This minimizes the time your investment is at risk.

These investment criteria are very stringent; they will probably eliminate half of the investment programs that are online right now!  HOWEVER, THE IDEA IS TO PLAY IT VERY SAFE AND TO WIN MORE OFTEN THAN YOU LOSE.

So, with these thoughts as guidelines, let’s look at some hypothetical investment plans and see how they stack up against these requirements.  After that, we will take a look at some real programs that are currently listed on the EmilyNews monitor and decide whether or not investing with them makes sense according to these guidelines.

When we examine these hypothetical investment plans, we will change the length of the plan by five-day amounts (rather than smaller amounts) to simplify our analysis.

Case #1.  4% daily for 30 days.
Total gross interest = 120% (4% x 30 days)
Total net interest = 20% (120% – 100%)
DNI = 0.67% (20%/30 days)
Break even = 25 days (100%/4%)

This is the only possibility for 4%.  If we lengthen the plan, it will be longer than 30 days.  If we shorten it to 25 days, there will be zero profit.  Let’s move up to 5% daily gross interest.

Case #2.  5% daily for 25 days.
Total gross interest = 125% (5% x 25 days)
Total net interest = 25% (125% – 100%)
DNI = 1% (25%/25 days)
Break even = 20 days (100%/5%)

This plan would fulfill all our requirements.  We cannot shorten the plan to 20 days as it will have zero profit.  However, we can lengthen it to 30 days.

Case #3.  5% daily for 30 days
Total gross interest = 150%
Total net interest = 50%
DNI = 1.67% (50/30)
Break even = 20 days

This plan would also fulfill all our requirements.  Now the length of plan is at the maximum limit.  Let’s move up to 6% daily gross interest.

Case #4.  6% daily for 20 days.
Total gross interest = 120% (4% x 20 days)
Total net interest = 20% (120% – 100%)
DNI = 1.00% (20%/20 days)
Break even = 17 days (100%/6%)

With the higher interest rate, the breakeven point decreases.  This is good for the investor.  We cannot decrease the length of the plan to 15 days because there will be no profit.  However, we can increase it to 25 days.

Case #5.  6% daily for 25 days.
Total gross interest = 150% (6% x 25 days)
Total net interest = 50% (150% – 100%)
DNI = 2.00% (50%/25 days)
Break even = 17 days (100%/6%)

By lengthening the investment term to 25 days, the DNI increases to the maximum permissible amount — 2%.  So, we cannot lengthen the plan any more.

In summary, we have the following possibilities:

4% daily.
30 days only.  Length of term is limiting factor.

5% daily.
25 or 30 days.  Length of term is limiting factor.

6% daily.
20 or 25 days.  DNI is limiting factor.

So, you can see that, for low gross interest rates, the limiting factor is the length of the term of the investment plan.  This occurs because you can’t break even within 30 days.  For high gross interest rates, the DNI of the plan becomes too high.  There is only a small window of gross interest rates and length of investment terms that will fit our criteria.

Now comes the hard part.  We’ll take a look at real HYIPs that have closed in recent days and see if they would have fulfilled our investment criteria and, if so, how much money we would have made or lost.

I looked at closed programs on both EmilyNews and on another popular monitor.  Among them, only two satisfied our investment criteria.  Here’s how things would have worked out:

NobleDDOS.  Closed after 37 days.
Two investment plans:
4.5% for 30 days
5% for 30 days

An investment in this program would have been completely successful.  Looking at the 5% program, the total gross return would have been 150%.  So, the total net return would have been 50%.  You would have made 50% profit in one month.  Not bad…

Steaks Center.  Closed after seven days.
One investment plan:
10% for 11 days.

Since you earned for seven days, you total gross return would have been 70% of your investment.  You would have lost 30%.  This example illustrates how important it is to select only programs that return your investment as part of your earnings.  If your investment had been held with the promise of returning it to you at the end of the plan, you would have lost ALL of it.

Looking at both these programs together, assuming that you invested the same amount in each of them, you would have won 50% in the first and lost 30% in the second.  You would be 20% ahead.  Two programs aren’t enough to get a feel how this would work out in the long term.  However, if you think about what happened, you can learn a lot.  One small lesson might be that, if the Steaks Center program didn’t return your deposit until the end of its investment plan (as is common with short-term plans), you would have lost 100% of that investment.  Combining that with the 50% gain from NobleDDos, you would have come out 50% NEGATIVE overall.

Unfortunately, I can only find two programs that satisfy our investment criteria and that have closed.  So, this is probably not a fair evaluation of the criteria.  There are a few other programs still listed on the EmilyNews monitor that fulfill the investment criteria.  Two of them are AltronFx that, right now, we have been monitoring for eleven days and Profitable Morrows that we have been monitoring for 109 days.  Clearly a person would have made a successful investment with Profitable MorrowsAltronFx might still be worthwhile to try.  It has only been online for less than two weeks and is probably OK in that regard (remember that we are not going to invest in a program after it has been online more than a week).

In closing, these investment criteria are quite restrictive.  I believe that, if a person has the DISCIPLINE to follow them, his chances of coming out ahead in the HYIP game will increase.  However, it is STILL possible to lose as was the case with Steaks Center.

Always remember that the goal is to win more than you lose.  I hope that this “safe” investment guide will help you to do so.


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