Henbbo Ventures – new platform, that recently entered “DIAMOND” listing on EN Monitor. It has been launched around 10 days ago so that can be considered a fresh platform on hyip market. We welcome them here. Let’s hope that it will bring good results to all investors who join and decide to use it in their investment portfolio. The time will show, as always.

Here’s what they explain (we will include below short parts of few texts, to get more you should visit the website itself):

Henbbo Ventures holding was founded in 2014 by a graduate of Yale University and has at that time experience in corporations such as JP Morgan and Bank of America, Mr. Simon Russel, who is the holding’s technical director (CTO).

In the same year, Simon Russel’s foresight has been clearly confirmed and proved by the fact that he decided to buy bitcoins for a large amount at a minimum price, after which this digital asset began to show a huge rate of value growth, forming the initial capital turnover of the holding.

In 2017….


Henbbo offers various investment options that do not require special financial or trading skills from potential customers and provide the high profitability.

Using the most advanced and effective technologies for monitoring and predictive analysis of crypto markets, we are forming a package of sources of profit for Henbbo’s successful business.

Staking is comparable to a bank deposit. Simplified interest accruing system that benefits for investors of our company

Effective of multi-vector staking technologies basic and promising digital assets.

Next thing we have to mention is Henbbo Ventures investment plans. Here we go:


1.65% (daily)

MIN-MAX: 15$ – 2900$, WORKING DAYS: 14

145% (after)

MIN-MAX: 700$ – 55000$, WORKING DAYS: 14

10.5% (included)

MIN-MAX: 3000$ – 45000$, WORKING DAYS: 14



2.4% (daily)

MIN-MAX: 1200$ – 55000$, WORKING DAYS: 28

240% (after)

MIN-MAX: 1100$ – 75000$, WORKING DAYS: 28

12.4% (included)

MIN-MAX: 4500$ – 65000$, WORKING DAYS: 28



3.7% (daily)

MIN-MAX: 1800$ – 280000$, WORKING DAYS: 55

450% (after)

MIN-MAX: 1600$ – 300000$, WORKING DAYS: 55

15.5% (included)

MIN-MAX: 5500$ – 260000$, WORKING DAYS: 55



1400% (after)

MIN-MAX: 50$ – 50000$, WORKING DAYS: 75

2100% (after)

MIN-MAX: 80$ – 90000$, WORKING DAYS: 99

6000% (after)

MIN-MAX: 200$ – 500000$, WORKING DAYS: 225

So we see a wide range of different investment offers / options from this platform and as it happens very often, there is no problem to say right now, which of these options will be used by 85% – 90% (majority) of members, at least during the first few cycles ..  

After several cycles and more trust, around 20%-25% of investors would probably go trying other plans. All this is my subjective opinion – so do not take it for granted.

All right. Pros, cons and more detailed information about these plans, their ROI, etc. will be explained in the Part 1 of Review. I guess it can be published in the next several days.

Check other news for today and Please stand by..


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