I feel that we at EmilyNews place more value on an HYIP’s “legend” than most other monitors (Please see HYIP Insights #6 for a discussion of the “HYIP Legend.” You can read it here.).  In case you’ve forgotten, a company’s legend is the description it gives about itself on its website.   We call this story a “legend” because, in most cases, it is just what this word implies: an interesting story that is exciting and nice to listen to, but probably doesn’t have much, if any, factual basis.  But, most investors cling to the hope that these HYIP legends are, indeed, true.  Who would want to invest his money with a company that he knows for sure is a complete scam?

Admins of HYIPs know that this is the case too.  So, efforts are always made to paint a plausible picture of what a company is and does on its website.  To strengthen a company’s claim to legitimacy, it will often display its “articles of incorporation” on its website.  The thought is that, if a company is “registered’ as a real corporation, this will serve as proof of its legitimacy.  It turns out that a very high percentage of these incorporation documents are issued by “Companies House,” a branch of the United Kingdom government that apparently is empowered to issue such documents.  At first glance, when one looks at the first page of such a document as it is displayed on the typical HYIP website, it appears to be impressive — the reason it is displayed.  However, the mistake that many HYIPs make is in also displaying what comes next!

When one reads the pages that follow (and this is the case with ALL such documents that I have read online), you quickly find out that there is only ONE person involved with the corporation.  He is typically listed as the sole director of the corporation and is also the sole shareholder.  Typically, he has purchased ONE share in the corporation for ONE British pound.  The absurdity of this continues in the next dozen or so following pages which contain procedures for meetings of the corporation’s board of directors, discussions of quorums, methods of appointing directors, etc., etc.  There is similar verbiage with respect to shareholder meetings.  All this is nonsensical for a one-man company.  And, aside from the cover page of the document, the name of the HYIP is never mentioned.  The entire document is a standard form — perhaps taken from a library file or from an online source.

Here’s a link to such a document for an HYIP called “Automatix” that is presently in operation.  Please go to the Filing History tab and take a look at the 28-page pdf document.


Here is what the company’s legend says on its website:

AUTOMATIX TOP LIMITED is a tight-knit group of true enthusiasts of investment business and private finance management: experienced traders at cryptocurrency and traditional Forex exchanges, specialists in the initial token offering, venture specialists, as well as a large intellectual and analytical department of modern economic technologies. Having combined the accumulated financial experience, we created a truly convenient and safe space, where any User can easily invest and earn, regardless of their experience in investments.

The prospective investor who reads this legend will expect to find a company with a real board of directors, multiple officers, and numerous shareholders.  The fact that the company is a “One Man Show” with nonsense incorporation documents immediately tells the investors that the legend is also nonsense and, therefore, that the company is nonsense.  You might even say that publication of these types of incorporation documents is an ANNOUNCEMENT by an HYIP that it is a scam.  So, the documents actually achieve the OPPOSITE of their desired effect.  They serve as proof that a supposedly large and successful company is imaginary.

What does the company really consist of?  The Admin!  That’s it.

Unfortunately, if you do your detective work, you will find that many HYIPs that are presently online are organized just the same as this one.

So, our point of view is that an HYIP that is a One Man Show would be better off NOT registering with Companies House and advertising this fact.  This past year, there was an HYIP called “Chain Group” that was quite successful for a while.  They specifically stated that they were NOT registered as a corporation anywhere and that the procedure for obtaining corporation papers from “Companies House” requires only a minimal fee and can be done by long distance.  I was happy to hear this coming from the Admin of an HYIP.  Like almost all other HYIPs, Chain Group ultimately closed its doors too.

But, where does this leave us?  Should we all forget about our beloved HYIP hobby because, ultimately, most, if not all, programs will  close and some people will lose money?  I don’t think so.  Even though we all hope — with one side of our brain — that the company in which we invest is the real deal and will be around forever, we also realize — with the other side of your brain — that, given the track record of survival of past HYIPs, this is highly unlikely.  In fact, we realize that investment in an HYIP is truly a game (please see HYIP Insights #4 for a discussion of “The HYIP Game.”  You can read it here.).  It is a form of gambling just like betting in a casino is a form of gambling.  When we bet money in a casino or play a game there, we try hard to “beat the system” and come out ahead.  Likewise, when we invest in an HYIP, we also try to beat the system.  Indeed, we at EmilyNews try very hard to come up with ways to do this.  We try hard to come up with approaches to HYIP investment that we feel will maximize a person’s chances for success at this game.  But, it still is a game!  No matter how much you think it through and plan, you can still make a mistake.  This is just like the person who feels he has a game at a casino figured out.  He may win more frequently than other players.  However, he still can lose.

So, what’s the bottom line?  Concerning the idea of a One Man Show, if this sort of document appears on a company’s website, simply regard it as an admission by the Admin that his HYIP truly IS a One Man Show.  And, it consists of HIM.  Now that you understand how the “company” works. Take a closer look at the investment plans that are offered and try to decide whether or not you are willing to risk your money investing in one of them.  We spend a lot of time at EmilyNews analyzing investment plans.  In fact, these types of analyses might be the strong point of our reviews of new programs.  We have also published a number of HYIP Insights articles dealing with this issue.  For example, HYIP Insights #12 (that you can read here) is a four-part article dealing with what we call an “Investment Formula.”

Well, I hope that this information is helpful to you.  Add it to your mental hard-drive of hints on how to handle HYIPs.  Most of all, we wish you LUCK in this game.  Continue to play!  But, play smart!  Check out what we have to say at EmilyNews on a regular basis.  Maybe we can help you out!


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