BiPiPay – new platform, that recently entered the “GOLD” listing on EN Monitor. It has been working for a bit more than 1 week at the moment. We welcome them here. Let’s wish them to prove a serious approach to workflow with investors and to reach good results for all participants who join it.

Let’s check what information is provided for members and watchers of BiPiPay platform:

What are we working for?

Our goal is to provide affordable, open and understandable financial services to every investor with maximum profitability and minimal risks. Everyday we create a unique community of investors, each of whom has full freedom of choice of actions to achieve their personal goal of increasing their personal capital.

Our credo is information transparency and responsibility

All terms of cooperation with BiPiPay LTD, as well as the dividend policy, are fully open. Our online service is clear to every investor, regardless of their technical background. We guarantee compliance with all agreements and promptly answer any questions from customers, providing timely support.

Professionalism and reliability for each client

Our company employs professional analysts and traders who support and develop the investment infrastructure of BiPiPay LTD. The basis for the success of our analysts is the use of global practices and standards in the field of capital management, taking into account the specifics of individual stock market participants.

Why do thousands of investors choose BiPiPay LTD?

BiPiPay LTD provides services to private investors to manage their capital in the stock market.

Our analysts have developed several mass investment products in order to achieve a successful joint placement of investors funds according to their chosen strategies.

We combine:

  • 1
    Availability of competent and balanced financial products to any investor.
  • 2
    Professional tools with low thresholds for starting an investment.
  • 3
    Ability to combine different investment packages with a transparent dividend policy.

The best strategy

Our analysts use advanced money management techniques.

Automatic operation mode

All calculations are carried out in accordance with pre-announced conditions.

Satisfied customers

We value our reputation and do everything for our investors.

Comprehensive protection

All user data and tools are securely protected.

Global cooperation

We actively cooperate with partners to exchange experience.

Absolute legality

Our company operates only in accordance with the investment legislation.

Let’s move further to platform’s investment offers. BiPiPay gives 3 daily investment plans.

See below:

Obligations PRO

  • 14 days
  • 1.2% daily
  • Deposit from 10$
  • The most successful combination of reliable obligations of countries and companies

Industrial countries

  • 25 days
  • 1.5% daily
  • Deposit from 10$
  • Investments in stocks of highly developed “giants” of global industry

High technology

  • 40 days
  • 3.85% daily
  • Deposit from 10$
  • Investments in long-term latest developments in the IT sector

That’s fine and now we can see that plans differ of the timeframe terms and the daily earning percentage, but, as you might have noticed, the min. deposit amount is the same in all three plans. That’s good because investors can absolutely free decide for what time period they want to make a deposit and they are not limited by the minimal deposit amount as it usually happens.

I believe all of three plans will be rather popular and while the conservative investor will most probably look at the first two options, the adventurous one will think of a larger daily earning BUT, at the same time, waiting longer, to get Initial deposit Back.

Let me interrupt myself right here and to continue to dig deeper into the Pros and Cons of BiPiPay investment proposals in the next article (Review Part 1). It will be published pretty soon, i believe.. So Stand by please..

And, as always, Stay POSITIVE with EN.. 


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