Bruxis just began a “Diamond” listing on EmilyNews monitor.  It is not a new platform and it looks like they have been active online for approximately 249 days already ( *most of the time in sleeping mode ).  Staying online for such period of time – is a good sign. As always, stability and honesty are the main factors in determining future success. … Let’s wish them more good results here..

Click this LINK to watch the Presentation Video “Trade like a Jack”!

Let’s check what is Bruxis about, as claimed on the website:


About the Company

Bruxis is a modern international company that has been working since 2013 in the field of investment and exchange of funds. Thanks to a diversified portfolio of investments, we are able to generate stable profits and provide high returns for our investors:

Cryptocurrency trading

Our staff consists of professional crypto traders who carry out deals on popular and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Our specialists constantly monitor the market of blockchain products, which allows them to invest in promising coins and projects that can bring high returns in a short period of time. At the same time, our company operates with already proven coins, which show a stable growth for several years. The predictability of these assets allows our specialists to perform operations with these instruments in a semi-automatic mode. For this purpose, trading bots are created. These are special programs whose algorithm allows us to significantly reduce the impact of the human factor on the implementation of trading operations. Bots have proven themselves well and show good returns on medium-and long-term distances. Bruxis specialists are actively improving them that trading algorithms bring maximum efficiency.

Trade in the Forex market

Earning on the foreign exchange market is carried out with the involvement of both Bruxis specialists and trading bots in the trading process. This direction differs in that it brings much lower returns than cryptocurrency trading, but at the same time operations in the Forex market are less risky.


We invest in projects at an early stage of their realization, in particular, it can be financing ideas, seed and private rounds, investing in startups at various stages of their development, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). Our specialists select only potentially profitable projects for investment that have a chance to shoot in the future and take a competitive position in the market. This direction is characterized by the highest percentage of profitability, while there are high risks that we take into account.

Exchange operations

Many large companies need to convert large amounts of funds to ensure complete anonymity and reliability of the transaction. Turning their attention to cryptocurrencies, legal entities seek to obtain not only the above-mentioned guarantees, but also to gain access to large amounts of liquidity, which are often concentrated in large centralized exchanges with strict requirements for customer verification. Moreover, many platforms do not work with legal entities at all, blocking such clients the access to the work with cryptocurrency. Bruxis comes to the rescue, which gives large companies the opportunity to convert funds in the right direction.


By performing a wide range of operations, Bruxis makes a profit from different diversified sources: trading operations on the cryptocurrency and currency markets, dividends from the implementation of successful startups, and commissions for exchange operations for large legal entities.

A solid pool of liquidity for the company’s operations is provided by attracting private investments. By allocating a part of its profits to its investors, Bruxis provides the company’s professionals with the necessary funds to carry out trading transactions, investments, and conversions. Thanks to this, we are able to distribute funds in various directions and not miss profitable projects and deals.

For investors, Bruxis offers Daily investment plans of three categories:

Trading Bots

Standard: 1% – 1.2% Daily for 21 Business days (Min. deposit – $25)

Prime: 1.3% – 1.5% Daily for 31 Business days (Min. deposit – $1000)

Origin: 1.6% – 1.8% Daily for 41 Business days (Min. deposit – $2500)

Professional: 1.9% – 2.1% Daily for 51 Business days (Min. deposit – $10000)

Ultimate: 2.2% – 2.4% Daily for 61 Business days (Min. deposit – $50000)

Extra: 2.5% – 2.7% Daily for 71 Business days (Min. deposit – $125000)


Exchange Transactions

Base: 0.8% Daily for 10 Business days (Min. deposit – $25)

Multi: 3% Daily for 100 Business days (Min. deposit – $100)


Venture Investments

Software: 3% Daily for 145 Business days (Min. deposit – $100)

Electronics: 3.5% Daily for 155 Business days (Min. deposit – $10000)

Distribution: 4% Daily for 165 Business days (Min. deposit – $25000)

Medicine: 4.5% Daily for 175 Business days (Min. deposit – $50000)

Nanotechnology: 5% Daily for 185 Business days (Min. deposit – $100000)

Quite a lot isn’t it ..?

Pay attentiont that all of these investment offers are with Monday-Friday Accruals ( meaning on Business days only ) and with Principal Back at the end of the plans.

According to minimal amount of deposit, I believe, the four plans (Standard, Base, Multi, Software) are the most used now and will be in the future by 80%-85% of all participants.. 

With that being said let me stop here. Because, as you know, more detailed analysis will be done in Bruxis review – Part 1 which will be available pretty soon. Please stand by..


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