BitPerformance is another platform that recently joined the “Silver” listing on EmilyNews Monitor. It was launched a bit more than 1 month ago, so maybe some investors have already seen this ..

Let’s check what information is provided for visitors and potential investors on BitPerformance website:

Bit Performance Ltd, develops and implements software algorithms and robotic systems for ultra-profitable trading on cryptocurrency exchanges by the efforts of professionals in the crypto industry: experienced traders, IT architects, and financial management specialists.

Cryptocurrency trading

Qualified trading of coins and digital tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Algorithm development

Designing software and robotic systems for automatic algorithmic trading.

Big data exploration

Fundamental research on big crypto data and advanced trend analysis.

Risk management

Comprehensive risk management with adaptive execution models.


By joining BitPerformance, you can be confident in more than just the effectiveness of our smart algorithms. For the comfort of users, we have taken care of much more, paying attention to every detail of your future workplace from reliable protection of your assets and income to consulting support at any time of the day.

And thanks to a truly user-friendly interface, BitPerformance‘s sophisticated investment mechanisms look like a simple electronic wallet in your pocket, making a profit wherever you are.

As you could notice, BitPerformance offers three different-term Daily plans with 10, 20 and 30 days. Here they are:

Evaluate investment programs with extremely fast income pay-offs: according to BitPerformance plans, the balance is charged every second and is immediately available for instant withdrawal to your wallet.

  • Free – 2.16% Daily for 10 Days ( min. deposit – $10 ), Principal Back, Total return – 121.6%
  • Classic – 3.24% Daily for 20 Days ( min. deposit – $1,000 ), Principal Back, Total return – 164.8%
  • Supreme – 4.32% Daily for 30 Days ( min. deposit – $5,000 ), Principal Back, Total return – 229.6%

I think, at the moment (*after 1 month of platform workflow), both Free and Classic plans can be used by investors, approximately in a percentage ratio of 90% (Free plan investors) and 10% (Classic plan investors).

A good thing that we see more and more in new starting programs over the last half year – is every second accruals. Together with instant withdrawals, this option really becomes very useful, since investor can withdraw funds every day at the most convenient time for him.

We will take a closer look on investment plans in the next – Review Part 1 – article. We will do some math to see the profitability and DNI levels which would bring a bit more information for beginners and more experienced audience..

Stand by please..


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