BitRobot (reviewed here) has just announced 10% bonus on any new deposits made until Friday 11:59 pm (GMT in London). According to that update, for the next 48 hours, the bonus will be made on new deposists (not reinvestments) automatically.

This promotion is held in honor of Black Friday, which will take place tomorrow, November 27th.

As we can see, the BitRobot platform is quite active with webinars and investor events, which is definitely a good sign for us. If program is paying without any issues then – the more news and promotions – the more participants – the more stability and credibility with time to come. In my opinion, this is how it always works with any investment program.

Here’s the news:

Hello, dear member.

In honor of Black Friday, we offer you an outstanding promotion!

It’s straight forward:

You instantly receive a 10% bonus on any money deposit!

This bonus is automatic for 48 hours: from tomorrow, Thursday 0:00 am, to Friday 11:59 pm (GMT in London)

A little more explanation:
1. The promotion only applies to real deposits and not to reinvestments from your cash balance.
2. The bonus is automatic and instant: as soon as your deposit is credited, the bonus is too.
3. The 10% bonus is credited in the same currency as your deposit. For example, if you deposit 10 Ethereum, then you will receive a bonus of 1 Ethereum.
4. This bonus is credited to the deposit wallet (and not to the cash balance), so you can’t withdraw it.
5. You must invest in the allotted time: this promotion is only valid for 48 hours!
6. Any deposit amount is eligible for this bonus: there is no minimum or maximum.

We are at your disposal for any questions about this promotion.

Enjoy your Black Friday!

Best regards,
Bit Robot



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