BitRobot (review here) announced a Turbo Contract upgrade. It will take a place on Monday, November 23. Once the upgrade is launched all current members of BitRobot platform must be informed by email. It seems that they increase the upper limit of this contract from $1,000 up to $2,500

Well, since the program has been running for about 140 days and has probably gained a certain amount of credibility from various investor groups during this (considerable) time, I think that some of them are involved in this plan (turbo contract), so it should be quite an important update for them..

Click this LINK to watch the program’s videos!

Let’s take a look:

Enjoy your enhanced Turbo!

Hello, dear member.

As we explain on our website and during our frequent webinars, the Turbo contract is a Beta version robot as it has been running for the last seven months only.
However, the freshest market conditions that we have been through are very reassuring about the reliability of the Turbo robot. For example, it got through the period of the US presidential election without any problem
We can afford to take a little more risk and invest more in this robot.

So, we will upgrade the Turbo contract from Monday, November 23

What does this upgrade mean?
The upper purchase limit of the Turbo contract goes from $ 1,000 to $ 2,500.

The upper limits in cryptocurrencies are also modified accordingly:
– 0.25 BTC
– 7.5 ETH
– 2,500 USDT
– 10 BCH
– 50 LTC
– 10,000 XRP
– 7,500 PIVX
– 37.5 DASH

Here are some essential points to understand and benefit from this improvement:
1. The increase will take effect on Monday, November 23. You will receive an email as soon as this is effective.
2. The upper limit of a Turbo contract is increased, but the number of active contracts allowed does not change: it is still only one per customer.
3. If you already have an active Turbo contract: you can upgrade it! You can already upgrade your Turbo contract up to $1,000 (and crypto equivalents). To do this, go to your Bit Robot account, click on “Buy contract” and select the payment method. In the “Maximum” box, you will see the remaining amount available that can be deposited into your Turbo.
Basically, it’s like buying a new Turbo contract when it’s just a matter of adding funds to an existing contract.
4. Turbo limits are now the same as a Basic contract: $ 100 – $ 2,500. So you might ask yourself, what is the point of buying a Basic on Bit Robot since it is less profitable than the Turbo?
Well, the answer is simple: the number of active Turbo contracts is limited to 1 while the number of Basic contracts is unlimited. For example, it may be interesting to reinvest the Turbo contract’s earnings into new Basic contracts!

At Bit Robot, we have worked very hard to improve the Turbo, so we are delighted to bring you this enhancement that many of you have been waiting for!

Best regards,
Bit Robot



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