Tridex – newly added platform of “Gold” listing on the EmilyNews Monitor.  Although it looks like the platform has already gained some experience, having launched a bit less than 150 days ago. Staying online for such a decent period of time and processing payments for investors on a regular basis – is, of course, a good sign for any program in the hyip industry.

Let’s check what is Tridex about, as claimed on the website:

Tridex ecosystem

TRIDEX platform makes earning on cryptocurrency possible for everyone.

Tridex Group LTD is a multifunction online platform based on Artificial Inteligence with a wide range of actual services in the cryptocurrency market.

Nowdays company earn on trading and allows to earn on trading passively its investors. Automated elements of trading on cryptocurrency, asset management, Risk Management based on the cutting-edge AI, and Fast Payment Order Delivery protocol allows our investors to earn daily 2% for 100 days.

The platform is already developing its own exchange and provide initial token offering (ICO) which let simple investors to become a co-owner of Tridex Group LTD with the same laws as developers and receive dividends from all working products of the company, namely Tridex Trade Platform and Tridex Exchange Platform.

Team of technical developers, traders and analytics with more than 6 years of experience who know capital management industry inside-out, made the platform not only stable for the market in modern realities, but also convenient for use from a beginners, minor crypto investors to professional capital managers.

Tridex Group LTD

Tridex Group LTD confidently developing according the roadmap and is becoming more powerful and popular day by day. Stable, Trusted and Innovative. It’s all about us.


🔥22,500+ registered customers from over than 100 countries which increased our position in the online market space.
🔥 $563 471 Invested in Trade Invest Program
🔥 4 431 789 TX Tokens sold
🔥 More than 12,500 active followers in social networks
🔥 Our first investors earned more than 150% pure profit thanks the profitable trading of our traders that used сutting-edge AI.

🛠 Tridex team is constantly working on improvements that are useful and convenient for our users around the world and today we have big news:

✅We are thrilled to announce about a NEW DESIGN version of Tridex Group LTD. It has become more convenient and user-friendly, more spacious and streamlined. We hope you will like it.

Tridex STAKING (our third running product) launched . TX token holders will start to receive weekly dividends from Tridex Trading Platform (20% of platform profit).


1.Click «Stake» button near Token balance in section «Account» and your tokens will be active for weekly dividends. Need click «Stake» button every week after dividends accrual. This button active all time to the next dividends accrual.

2.Dividends will be credited every Sunday on your balance at the platform in ETH from which you can create withdraw, reinvest or buy token. First dividends accrual will be 11 October (it ‘s first full working week after Staking launching).

✅From now you can protect your Tridex account by enabling 2FA (two-factor authentication) in section «Settings». Your account security is our top priority!

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) use to help protect your account from unauthorized access by requiring you to enter an additional code from app (Google Authenticator) on your phone when you Sign in.

🌍Tridex a global, stable and technological project capable of revolutionizing the investment market.  Don’t waste time, join us on earlier stage and earn more!

Tridex website is full of various information, including bounties, contests, news and more .. As you noticed from the text above, there are news and notifications about Tridex own token – TX. At the moment, according to site’s info, the 2nd round of Pre-ICO is on the process for all potential investors and participants…

So.. what are the investment plans this platform offers..?

  • 2% Daily profit for 100 days, min. deposit – $5
  • 3.33% Daily profit for 60 days, min. deposit – $100
  • 4% Daily profit for 50 days, min. deposit – $10000
*All investments from 100$ are automatically get bonuses in TX Tokens where 1$ = 1 TX Token

*Investment is Included in Payments. Interest Accruals Every Day.

All right, as you can see, both the first and second investment proposals are available to most investors. This is why I believe that 98% of investors who have already joined (are joining now and will join in the future) are using these two plans.

We’ll make a Review of the Tridex platform in a few days, where, as usual, we will try to carry out further calculations to better understand these investment plans. As always, Please stand by…


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