BitRobot has just began a “Silver” listing on the EmilyNews Monitor.  This platform is around 75 days online. Therefore, we can already consider it as one of the platforms with stable position on the market. Let’s take a closer look at the site, investment proposals and description.  

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Here’s a way of how BitRobot platform declares itself:

Who are we?

Bit Robot is an investment platform. The Bit Robot leadership team brings many years of experience in trading, crypto-currencies, and software development.

The cryptocurrency universe has hit the headlines over the last few years for many reasons: technological benefit, blockchain, and capital growth. A professional and methodical mindset is mandatory to be successful when it comes to investing in such a complex ecosystem.

At Bit Robot, we have learned how to master the cryptocurrency market with advanced trading solutions that can also be applied and adapted to other financial markets. We have achieved consistent returns over the last 4 years: 28.7% monthly on average. During this period, a small circle of large investors benefited from our expertise. We created ROBOTS SOLUTION LIMITED in July 2020 to offer our trading solutions to the general public in the form of network marketing.


Our mission & core values

ROBOTS SOLUTION LIMITED seeks to provide trading solutions and significant returns to our customers.

Our solutions are mainly automated and crypto-oriented, but we also take advantage of other markets: Forex, Gold, Stocks, and shares. Some of our trading methods integrate human management to combine the benefits of automated and discretionary trading.

We offer these trading solutions through three investment contracts. Our customers invest in one of these contracts, and they benefit from a daily passive income the very next day. In return, we apply a performance fee: 30% of the daily return. Moreover, once the Bit Robot platform has achieved a +100% return on the client’s initial investment, the Contract is completed, and all future profits are paid to Bit Robot. As a result, we ensure the sustainability of our business model.


A few words about our CEO

Laurent Barthelemy was born in Liege, Belgium, in 1990. From his earliest days, and following his parents’ separation, Laurent developed a great self-reliance. He left the family home at 16 to gain his independence. He began his professional life to finance studies in Marketing at the high-quality college Léon Eli Troclet.

A little while after graduating, he discovered network marketing through Euphony, a Belgian MLM. This first experience was a promising success: he built a team of around 250 people between 2011 and 2013, and all this on Belgian territory.

In 2013, he was offered a significant crypto-currency business in Thailand. He moved from 2013 to 2015 to take part in Crypto888, a concept created by the ex-CEO of Euphony.
Laurent achieved an amazing performance by building a team of around 18,000 people on a global scale (mainly Europe and Asia). This first contact with the crypto-world was decisive for the creation of Bit Robot.

The crypto-currency phenomenon was on the rise in 2016. At the same time, a friend of his circle of entrepreneurs invited Laurent as an investor in Dubai.
He discovered the power of trading robots and the Incrementum concept. This is how Bit Robot, Incrementum’s partner in robot development, was born.

The first steps of Bit Robot were under Tenerife’s Sun in the Canaries: Laurent left Belgium to broaden his horizons and sharpen his Mindset as an entrepreneur.

Building from his learning of Spanish, he decided to settle in Marbella in 2018. This city is a strategic place in the business world. Thousands of entrepreneurs have moved to Marbella to grow their businesses and collaborate!
In this flourishing context, Bit Robot has moved up a gear and has attracted the most significant investors on the Costa Del Sol.

All the conditions are met to launch Bit Robot internationally this fall!


Partnership with Incrementum

Bit Robot and Incrementum have been partners since 2016.

Incrementum LTD is another very reputable investment platform. Both companies are working together on the development and updates of the robots. Incrementum only deals with large clients who can invest millions of dollars: they only have 88 clients across the world currently.
Bit Robot, as a direct partner in the creation of the robots, is a VIP client.

The advantage of Bit Robot is that it allows the general public to take advantage of the dual competence of Bit Robot / Incrementum for lower investments (Our cheapest Basic Contract is $100). Client funds are stored on Equiti: a highly regulated broker.

Well, it looks rather detailed, doesn’t it? The next point is investment offer.

BitRobot offers 3 investment plans (with a short pre explanation):

We offer advanced trading solutions to our customers through three investment contracts (to learn more about these trading solutions, go to this page). These contracts are described below: BASIC, PERFORMER, and SUPREME. All of them are based on automated trading systems and provide a daily passive income.
The higher the contract, the better the features it provides.

– Once the Bit Robot platform has achieved a +100% return on the customer’s initial investment, the contract is completed. The three contracts provide the same 100% return. What makes the difference is the quickness: 14% monthly for a Basic Contract, 17% monthly for a Performer Contract, and 21% monthly for a Supreme Contract.
– We apply a Performance Fee on the return: 30%, for the sake of the sustainability of our business model. This Performance Fee is already included within the monthly returns we display: you don’t have to apply -30%, you earn what is displayed precisely.

  • Basic – Up to 0.5% daily (Monthly profit: Around 14%) For 20 Days until the Whole Deposit is returned (+Principal Return), min. deposit – $100.00
  • Performer – Up to 0.7% daily (Monthly profit: Around 17%)  until the Whole Deposit is returned (+Principal Return), min. deposit – $2,500.00
  • Supreme – Up to 0.9% daily (Monthly profit: Around 21%) until the Whole Deposit is returned (+Principal Return), min. deposit – $25,000.00

So, essentially, in all three plans you get 100% of profit + you have to get your principal back at the end.

Ok, i think that’s enough for the first view and for today.. as a regular EN reader, you may already know which of these plans we will take to make most calculations 🙂

We’ll be reviewing the BitRobot program in a few days and will explain all the pros and cons of the investment plans as always in detail. Please stand by…


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