In our First Thoughts article on EthereumGold , we mentioned that the concept of this type of project is slightly different from the concept of a traditional high-yield investment program, but this does not mean that it will last forever. So probably the best way is to have the same attitude like we have to all passive income projects on the Internet, including HYIPs. Thus, you will not have too much euphoria from the dividends earned on EthereumGold.

A few points from our “First Thougths” article:

Earning Dividends

Unlike passive platforms that promise you 1% a day, the daily percentages fluctuate as income is generated when people deposit or withdraw Ethereum.  The total fee deducted as soon as you deposit, 10% is distributed immediately to everyone including you. When you leave 10% is released to all remaining members. This process,  the handling of all funds and the distribution of all Ethereum is totally managed by the mathematically perfect smart contract.

How Much Can I earn by Depositing Ethereum?

You can earn Ethereum passively in three ways.  The dividends that are generated  as people deposit and withdraw.  As Ethereum is deposited into the contract the value of each Ethereum Credit increases, so your initial deposit can be worth even more than you deposited.  Experts Say the Ethereum price is expected to outpace the growth of Bitcoin. Since the contract pays you in Ethereum everything you earn can be worth more and more.

Let me remind you that since the concept of earnings is somewhat different here, we cannot make an absolutely similar review with similar calculations, as we did with other programs. Based on the information we’ve seen so far, we decided to post this first part of the review. In the future, if we have any additional updates or information, we may be able to publish Parts 2, 3, and so on if this EthereumGold program runs for a long time.

We have collected some information from various sources, and this is what we have at the moment:

After you bought some Gold tokens, if you keep them where they are (meaning on EthereumGold program) you receive 10% from every buy or sell based on your corrent share of tokens.

You can convert your token stash into Ether where it will sit in your dividends pool and it’s stored in ethereum not in tokens and you can literally withdraw these tokens or this ethereum at any time that you want.

The interesting thing is you can see EthereumGold was created back in 2018 and it’s still running and recently it has gained a little bit of popularity. In fact there’s been many people that have actually gone into the code and audited the code of smart contract to make sure that EthereumGold is what it claims of itself. 

It’s possible to make about 1% per day on this and keep in mind this is based on volume, it’s not based on days. It all depends on how much people are buying in or selling out.

Ultimately if you loose 20% essentially because the contract takes 10% on the way in and 10% on the way out – in 20 days (after 20% of pure profit earned) you are already breaking even.

If we find more information, we’ll be sure to provide it in the second part of this review, hopefully in the near future .. So stay here please..


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