And investing in telegram bots..

This is an update from P4WC Limited, which some investors would like to read for sure. The administrator tried to explain his thoughts and compare the regular hyip (based on website) and the telegram bot based hyip. Let’s read it below:


Some people have had a wrong perspectives about investing in telegram bots and prefer to invest in a website.

WHY ⁉️

 1). Many assume telegram bots are scam

 2). Many believe websites are better and more secured than bots

3). Many assume telegram bots don’t last long.

Well we can say their assumptions are partially correct and partially wrong.


1). Today there is no arguments that it’s only telegram bots that run scam schemes, there are alot of websites who also do.

2). Today we can say websites and telegram bots can have the same standard and functionalities and we can boldly say that telegram bots are more secured than websites because there is no DDOS attack or users accounts hijacking using telegram bots or rather we say it’s not common like websites.

3). Telegram bots can last for as long as it could even if the bot gets a SCAM tag it doesn’t affect the bot functionalities and doesn’t stop the bot from working but when some people see the SCAM tag they start to panic not considering the fact that it’s not all accounts who get a scam tag that really scam.


* Do you ever consider the investment plans the project offer and their sustainability irrespective of websites or bots?

* Are you not one of those who encouraging SCAM by looking for high profit programs for you to double your investment and get rich in few days because statistics shows that people tend to show interest and invest more in projects that offer high profits in few days even without checking the credibility and sustainability of the program.


We can conclude that both websites and telegram bots can have the same functionalities and serve the same purpose.

The sole determinants of a project to attain success and last long is the TEAM behind the project plus warm and honest contribution/support from clients irrespective of websites or telegram bots.


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