Let’s begin our discussion of the P4WC Limited investment plan by repeating the given information about it as well as what we found out about it in Part 1 of this review.  As far as the given information is concerned, we’ll again repeat what we said about the investment plan in our “First Thoughts” article about it.

P4WC Limited offers one very simple-to-understand investment plan.  It is what we refer to as a “perpetual” plan, meaning that you make a one-time investment and it continues to pay you interest forever — at least theoretically.  The interest rate is 1.7% per day and the minimum investment is $20.  It looks like there is no maximum.  A nice feature of the investment plan is that you can withdraw your investment at any time (after 48 hours) without penalty.

Then, in Part 1, we determined that it will take the investor 59 days to break even.  Finally, also in Part 1, we determined what the average daily net interest (DNI) for the plan would be for different assumed lifetimes for the program.  Here are the results of that analysis:

  • Assumed length of plan          DNI
  • 60 days                                    0.03%
  • 120 days                                  0.87%                         
  • 180 days                                  1.14%
  • 240 days                                  1.28%
  • 300 days                                  1.37%
  • 360 days                                  1.42%

From a very general point of view, my opinion is that a large percentage of online investors like “perpetual” investment plans such as the one offered by P4WC Limited.  Theoretically, they are exactly what the investor is looking for.  You make a one-time investment and you receive a daily return on it — forever.  And, a very lucrative one too.  The problem, of course, is the limited lifetime of the typical HYIP.  So, in this business, there is probably no such thing as a truly “perpetual” investment plan.  Probably the best that the investor can hope for is, first, that the program will survive long enough for him to break even (no one wants to lose money!) and, second, and ideally, that the program will be one of the few that survive for a long enough time for him to come out considerably ahead.  In this Part 2 of our review, we’ll attempt to zero in on the probability of this happening.

In HYIP Insights #12, we attempted to relate investment plan DNI to the chances of a program’s long-term survival.  Here is what we came up with as guidelines:

  • DNI                              Chances of long-term program survival
  • DNI<1                          Good
  • DNI>2                          Poor
  • 1<DNI<2                      Unknown

Of course, these are only our suggestions; they are not hard and fast rules that are cast in concrete.  However, they are, at the minimum, good starting places for thought when the investor attempts to make the decision on whether or not to invest in an online investment program. 

In the table of DNIs that we determined in Part 1 of the review, we observed, first of all, the DNI of the P4WC Limited investment plan gradually increases the longer the program survives.  This occurs simply because, the longer a program survives past its breakeven point, the more profitable it becomes.  Looking at this table, you can see that it takes roughly one-half year for the DNI of the plan to become greater than one.  So, according to our recommendation, it is then in the “safe” zone in-so-far-as long-term survivability is concerned.  Even after a year, the DNI is still less that 1.5%, which is halfway into the “caution” zone.  Of course, no matter how long the program survives, the DNI of the investment plan can never get higher than 1.7%.  So, it will never get into the “red” zone.  All this is good news.

On the other hand, “perpetual” programs are inherently riskier that those having a finite length owing to the fact that the program never gets “relief.”  Since the plan never ends, the investor is never forced to put “new” money into the program in order to continue to receive interest.  So, as time goes on, the company’s obligation to pay interest continues to increase — also “perpetually!”  With this thought in mind, the foregoing guidelines could possibly be made more stringent in the case of “perpetual” investment programs.

After 120 days, the DNI is 0.87%.  If you multiply this by seven (the number of days in a week), you come up with an average weekly profit of around 6%.  This profit increases the longer the program survives.  Even a 6% weekly profit leads to a monthly net profit of around 25%.  The point is that, after four months or so, the plan would appear to be paying a decent return.  Of course, that’s my opinion.  If you are an HYIP investor who likes to take risks in hopes of huge profits, this level of return is probably not enough for you. 

Earnings Example.

Let’s assume that you are one of the few rather well-off online investors who doesn’t mind playing around with his money and that you decide to invest $5,000 in this investment plan.  Every day, you would receive 1.7% of this in interest or $85 (.017 x 5,000).  After 59 days you will have received a total return of $5,015 (59 x 85) and you will have broken even.  After that, you will continue to receive $85 per day — theoretically forever.  This would come to $595 per week or $2,380 per month.  So, again theoretically, this program could be a beautiful source of passive income.  Of course, this is highly unlikely.  In HYIP world, the survival of a program for even one-half year is very rare.  The assumed investment amount of $5,000 is probably excessive.  You can convert the answers to this example to $500 or $50 by simply moving the decimal point.  So, the daily income for a $500 investment would be $8.50 and for $50 it would be $0.85.


P4WC Limited offers a simple easy-to-understand investment “perpetual” plan.  It pays a daily return of 1.7% which is quite lucrative, especially considering that the company promises to pay it forever.  However, the rate is not as ridiculous as has been promised by many other “perpetual” HYIP investment plans.  So, the adventuresome investor might want to try his luck with this program and see how close it comes to being “perpetual.”  As is true of all HYIPs. There is an advantage to investing early.     


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