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We just received a brief email from LoanTech (reviewed here) announcing that they have been online for four months.  The announcement also gives their Telegram groups in a number of different languages.

We don’t hear much from LoanTech; they are one of those programs that do not publish regular news updates.  Perhaps a person has to be active on with one of their Telegram groups to stay up to speed on what they are up to.

In case you’ve forgotten what the LoanTech investment plan looks like, here’s what we said about it in our “First Thoughts” article about the program:

The investment plan has a number of interesting features.  First of all, it is a “perpetual” investment plan, which means that you make an investment once and that you will receive an interest return forever.  Second, the plan has an option whereby you can withdraw up to 34% of your investment after 22 days.  This has the effect of enabling you to break even at that time — significantly more quickly than will happen if you do not utilize this option.  Of course, since you’ve withdrawn a third of your principal, your daily interest return will be cut by one third at that time — although it still will continue forever.  I have not seen this option before in any other investment plan. 

Here’s the email from Loantech:

We are glad to mark the 4th month of unparalleled performance!

Over the past 4 months we have received a countless of “Thanks & Congrats” letters, which we’d like to reciprocate.

Thank our members for their devotion, our affiliates for their promotion, and our team for their 24/7 dedicated work.

We are changing lives for the better, and I’m so honored to be in the position of helping over 30,000 members worldwide.

We will continue walking the same path despite any obstacle that lies ahead. ~ With enormous gratitude – Chris W. CEO.

We are inviting you to take part and share your earnings payout, in our NEW and improved Telegram Groups:

# ENGLISH – New main group (share this invitation link privately!):

# Français: @LoanTech_Fr_chat
# Español: @loanTech_Esp
# Tagalog: @LoanTech_Fil

More languages groups will be added gradually, stay tuned on our news channels:

NEW Telegram Channel | Facebook Channel

If you have questions or issues, our F.A.Q & contact info is here.

Looking forward to a brighter future,


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