Over $1,300,000 processed.

Appco just published another weekly update.  It looks like the company is making real progress.  They now claim to have over $1,300,000 invested with them and a total of over 2,600 active investors.  If you divide one by the other, you get an average investment of around $500.  Last week we did the same division and the average investment was only $350.  So, either Appco has attracted some big investors in the past week or the numbers are wrong.  But, giving Appco the benefit of the doubt, an average investment per investor of $500 is quite an accomplishment. In case you would like to read the complete update from Appco, I’ve repeated it here.

UPDATE (by the Appco admin):”Actually, total amount processed means both deposits and withdrawals.

Appco Weekly Digest #04.

It gives us great pleasure to announce yet another milestone together!

Appco ultimate goal of being a safe haven for all investors is progressively being realized. Our team keeps working tirelessly to ensure we uphold this standard. It has been 30days since the launch of our platform and innovation keeps driving us ahead, both for our investors, and our partners. Here’s a summary of activities around Appco: 

1. 30 Days Online.

2. More than 2600 Active Accounts.

3. Over $1,300,000 Processed.

4. More than $6000 paid out on Appco bounty campaign.

4. Appco Multi-language feature added.

5. Appco mobile app roadmap in progress.

So 30 Days?

Yes! What this means for our investors that activated the 3% forever plan on the day of launchis that they will break even on their capital in about four days from now, and will keep earning 3% of their investment forever! Congratulations in advance!

We have implemented multiple language support, with more languages to be added soon. The translations are already implemented on the guest pages. The dashboard, as well as system notifications, will be translated before the week runs out.

We’re working closely with one of our startups to develop a mobile app for Appco, and the app would be available on both Android and IOS. The road map will be unveiled soon.

We are also working on ways to implement even more convenient ways to make payments on the platform.

Appco is the new standard.
We lead, others follow

Happy earnings
Appco team


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