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In the way of a review, here’s the basic information about the two Dexau investment plans:

  • Plan #1 (ROE7 Plan)
  • 107% after 5 days
  • $25 minimum
  • Principal included
  • Plan #2 (ROE63 Plan)
  • 2.1% daily for 30 days
  • $50 minimum
  • Principal back (anytime with a 10% fee)

And, here’s what we found out about the two Dexau investment plans in Part 1 of this review:

  • Plan #1
  • Break even = 5 days
  • DNI = 1.4%
  • Plan #2
  • Break even = 30 days
  • DNI = 2.1%

Neither of the plans break even until they end.

Let’s first talk about the TYPES of plans that Dexau offers…

There are three popular types of investments plans that HYIPs offer.  The riskiest are those that do not return either your interest or principal until the end of the plan.  Plan #1 is in this category.  However, since the plan is only five days long, the risk involved in waiting for your return is probably not that great.  For this type of plan, the risk obviously gets very serious with plans that are weeks or even months long.

In the middle concerning risk are investment plans like Plan #2.  In this type of plan, you receive a daily return, but your principal is not returned to you until the end of the plan.  So, there is some nail-biting as the investor waits for the plan to end and he will have his investment returned to him.

The least risky type of investment plan is the one that returns your principal as part of your earnings.  In this manner, the investor can break even considerably before the end of an investment plan and, after this, of course, all of his returns are “pure profit.”  Neither of the Dexau investment plans are not in this category.

DNI is probably the best measure of both profitability and risk for an investment plan.  Let’s discuss risk first.  In the article in HYIP Insights #12, we spent a lot of time trying to come up with suggestions relating DNI to risk.  The results of our efforts were the following:

  • DNI less than 1% — low risk
  • DNI higher than 2% — high risk
  • DNI between 1% and 2% — variable level of risk depending on many factors

So, if these suggestions are on the money, it would appear that, from the point of view of risk, Plan #1 might be a more or less sensible plan to get involved with.  Its short length will also tend to make it less risky.  Plan #2 is in a borderline area; concerning risk, it could probably go either way.  A factor in favor of the plan is that the overall program has been online for well over a half year.  Possibly this implies that it is a safe investment platform.  However, the “new” Dexau is a completely different ballgame from the “old” Dexau.  So, I’m inclined to believe that anything can happen.  It’s important to note, as always, that these limits on DNI are only our suggestions.  They are based on common sense and a lot of experience watching HYIPs come and go, but thay are by no means infallible rules that are cast in concrete. 

Concerning profitability, I like to multiply DNI by seven to come up with the weekly net profit that an investment plan will pay you.  If you do that, you will get the following:

  • Plan #1            10%
  • Plan #2            15%

What is or is not lucrative is a matter of opinion.  Personally, a weekly return of 5% is a lot for me.  So, I would consider both of these plans to be very lucrative.  However, I understand that the investor seeking high short-term profits might have a very different opinion.

Earnings Examples:

Let’s work an example for each of the two investment plans.  They are both very easy to understand.  We’ll assume an investment of $50 in each of them.

For Plan #1, you will receive a one-shot payment of 107% of your investment after five days.  This will be $53.50 (1.07 x 50), for a net profit of $3.50.

For Plan #2, you will receive a daily return of 2.1% of your investment, or $1.05 (.012 x 50).  By the end of the 30-day investment period, these returns will total $31.50 (30 x 1.05), which will be 63% (31.5/50 x 100) of your $50 investment.  At the end of the investment plan, your $50 will be returned to you.  So, the $31.50 becomes your net profit.


The “new” Dexau investment program offers two investment plans.  One is very short term (only five days long) while the other lasts for a full month.  I would consider them both to be very lucrative, especially the longer-term plan.  Yet, they are not SO lucrative that their survivability would appear to be at excessive risk.  Both investment plans have very modest minimum investment requirements.  So, the choice of plan will depend on the type and duration of plan that the investor would like to get involved with.  I suspect that these investment plans will have wide appeal. 


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