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This was a surprise!  After being listed with us for over six months and, apparently, after being online for over eight months, Dexau has made a complete revision of their investment platform.  Whereas, before, their website was an all-business one-page endeavor, now it is a sophisticated multi-page presentation.  And, the company’s investment plans have been changed from rather long-term low-return plans to shorter-term more conventional yield (for an HYIP) plans.  All this, and more, is described in the news release from Dexau that I have reprinted below.  In short, there is little resemblance of the new Dexau to the old one.  For this reason, we will, in the next few days, be doing a new review of the Dexau investment plans.  We may also make a few comments about the business activities that Dexau now claims to be involved with since it looks like they have also changed since we initially encountered the program. 

So, please stand by for more information from us on the new Dexau!

Dexau Enterprise – Company Rebrand

It is with a big pleasure that we introduce you to the new Dexau web interface (““) as well as fresh company rebrand after 250 running days of online activity and counting no bad feedbacks, no successful hacking attempts and no payment delays, just solid promises that are kept.
In past months we have worked hard to deliver great results in a timely fashion and that was only possible thank to you, reader and investor, who kept supporting and helped us to expand our business even further.
For this exact reason we want to reward you with a new available set of investment formulas known as ROE63 and ROE7.
What do they offer?
ROE63: a progressive 2.1% daily net interest for 30 calendar days, resulting in 163% return on investment, but what really makes this plan so special is the tribute to the deprecated ROE45 plan (0.30% daily for 150 days), that is the ability to withdraw the principal anytime with just a penalty of 10% fee in case of early divesting which the term is set to 10 days. This is basically the investment formula you were used before but on steroids!
You can afford this investment starting from as low as $50 and you can only have 5X concurrent active investments at a time.
ROE7: also known as the “test plan” because it pays back 107% in only 5 days, meaning 7% total net profit. Needless to say this is an upgrade of the deprecated ROE30 plan (13% weekly for 10 weeks), so if you have not yet upgrade then do it now and do not miss this investment opportunity, because it is only limited to one investment per person at a time with a maximum threshold of $1,000.
Regarding the previous (still active) investment plans you will continue receiving interests on daily basis without delays but we highly suggest you to drop them off for the newly launched investment formulas we start offering from today, March 30th 2020.
Despite Bitcoin was a good companion we found opportune to add new payment methods and cryptocurrencies to it: Perfect Money, Payeer, Ethereum and Litecoin without any hidden fees!
Good news do not stop here because we have made changes to the affiliate program too, increasing the affiliate commissions from low 1% to high 5% for each deposit your affiliates make.
You can now also analyze at more complex and complete account statements in your client area as well as a reinvented dedicated help desk with attached U.S. hotline for fast support assistance.
Let’s now discuss the changes of company’s trust strategy; in order to establish even more trust among old and new investors we decided to get an EV SSL from certificate authorities that proves we are the solely owners of the company Dexau Enterprise LLC incorporated in Cayman Islands – any attempt of hijacking will be close to zero from now on.
You will find more in depth informations regarding our offices in Cayman Islands, United States of America and Hong Kong in “About” page of our website.
There probably is a lot of more talking to go but it is maybe a good idea to let find out more and educate yourself on Dexau Enterprise on your own through the tons of informations and features we have put online on new rebranded web platform.
We hope you all will enjoy this fresh new experience and remember, our help desk is at your complete disposal anytime.

Kind regards,
Your Dexau team –
Gaston H. (CEO), Steven D. (CTO/spokesman)


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