Proof That Long-Term Programs Work?

NexTradeBox (reviewed here) has now been online (and listed with EmilyNews) for over one-half year.  It is extremely unusual for an HYIP to survive for this long.  Of course, this is exactly the type of program that the online investor is looking for.  It is SO frustrating and disappointing to invest with a program, only to have it disappear after a week or two.  So, we must ask ourselves, “What is there about NexTradeBox that has enabled it to survive for so long?”

The answer is really very simple and lies in the nature of the investment plans that the program offers.  To refresh your memory, here’s what the six NexTradeBox investment plans look like:

  • ST Plan
  • 0.40% daily for 720 days
  • Min deposit $25
  • AD Plan
  • 0.56% daily for 360 days
  • Min deposit $100
  • PR Plan
  • 0.86% daily for 180 days
  • Min deposit $200
  • MS Plan
  • 1.00% daily for 150 days
  • Min deposit $400
  • EX Plan
  • 1.20% daily for 120 days
  • Min deposit $800
  • LG Plan
  • 1.50% daily for 90 days
  • Min deposit $1000

When we analyzed these plans, we determined the following very important information about them:

  • Plan                 DNI                  Days to Break Even
  • ST                    0.26%              250 days
  • AD                   0.28%              179 days
  • PR                    0.30%              117 days
  • MS                   0.33%              100 days
  • EX                    0.37%              84 days
  • LG                    0.39%              67 days

Looking at all this and thinking it over, you might rightfully come to the conclusion that NexTradeBox is just getting “warmed up.”  With investment plans of up to two years long, one-half year isn’t really that long.  When we first encountered this program, my thought was that, given the performance of the typical HYIP, a two-year long investment plan was a crazy idea.  However, now that the program has survived for a half year, I’m starting to think that maybe this program might really turn out to be a long-term survivor.

Now four out of the six investment plans have completed a complete investment cycle and five of them have broken even.  In short, many investors have been able to receive a moderate passive income from NexTradeBox for a half year or so.  Yes, returns are low.  With DNIs of between 0.26% and 0.39%, average weekly profits range between roughly 2% to 4%.  These profit levels are low in HYIP world.  However, I would vote for a low dependable profit rather than a high undependable one anytime. 

Of course, you will have to be the judge on that.  And, this is the state of affairs with NexTradeBox at the present time…


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