Analysis of the HexLand Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about HexLand, we summarized the company’s investment plans in the following way:

HexLand offers a set of five investment plans that range in length from three to 30 days long.  The shortest-term plan has a minimum investment of only $10 while the other four all have minimums of $25.  So, all of the plans are very affordable.  The longer the term of the plan, the higher the return.  And, this is the tradeoff: you must commit your investment for a longer time period in order to earn a greater return. 

This set of investment plans is quite hard to understand; there is a lot of “camouflage” in their description that hides the essential features of the plans.  However, some quick calculations tell me that the interest rates that the plans pay are lucrative, but not SO lucrative that the program would have little chance of long-term survival.

I should also note that HexLand also offers a set of three investment plans that are a full year long.  These are obviously for the investor who is confident that the program will be a long-term survivor. 

The confusing thing about these investment plans is the way in which they are presented on the website.  Specifically, for each investment plan, under “Accruals,” it gives DOLLAR amounts for “percent” and “principal amount.”  Well, an accrual is a dollar amount, but, on the other hand, a percent is not.  Nowhere does the website give the daily percent that an investment plan pays you.  This is a very important amount and, in this review, among other things, we will remove the camouflage from the given information to reveal these important quantities. 

A nice thing about the website information concerning the investment plans is that it does give you the “total profit” for each plan.  You might even say that this is the most important piece of information that you need for each plan.  As an example, let’s take a look at the 3-day plan.  The total profit is given as 103.9%.  Total profit means GROSS profit.  To get NET profit, you must subtract 100% from this to get 3.9%.  So, in three days, you earn 3.9% net interest.  Averaging this out over the 3-day period, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of 1.3% (3.9/3).  So, with the given information for each investment plan, it is very easy to calculate its DNI.  Here’s what you get if you do these calculations for each of the five investment plans:

  • Plan                 DNI
  • 3-day               1.3%
  • 9-day               1.5%
  • 18-day             1.7%
  • 24-day             1.9%
  • 30-day             2.1%

Do you see the nice progression in the value for DNI?  The folks at Hexland obviously realize that this is the MOST IMPORTANT quantity when it comes to the profitability and risk of an investment plan and have carefully designed their plans to get the values for DNI that they wanted. Perhaps they have been reading the EmilyNews reviews!

Of course, DNI is a FICTITIOUS quantity in that it is not what is paid to you on a day by day basis.  It is the EFFECTIVE net interest that you receive and it has the most THEORETICAL importance.  However, the investor will also want to know exactly how much money he puts into his pocket on a day by day basis.  This is where the website camouflages things.  Let’s strip away that camouflage now…

To make matters even more complicated, the Hexland investment plans are three different TYPES of plans.  We have to sort through that as well.  We’ll go through all this plan by plan.  Let’s get started…

3-day Plan

This plan is easy to understand because it simply makes you a one-shot payment at the end of the 3-day investment period.  No surprises here.

9-day Plan

This plan returns your investment at the end of the plan.  So, the DNI that we have already determined will be the daily return that you receive.  In this case, it is 1.5% of your investment.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the website would simply say this?

18-day Plan

The 18-day plan works exactly the same way.  You will receive a daily return of 1.7% and your investment will be returned to you at the end of the plan.

24-day Plan

This plan is different in a number of ways.  First of all, it returns your investment as part of your daily return and, second, it only pays you a return every two days.  Let’s try to sort all this out and determine a daily gross return or, rather, the daily gross return that you will receive every two days.  We have already determined that the daily net profit that you will receive from the plan is 1.9%.  If your investment is returned to you over a period of 24 days, you will receive 4.17% (100/24) of it every day.  The total of these two amounts is 6.07%.  This is your total daily return. 

Well, for some reason or other, Hexland only pays you a return every two days.  So, you must double all these amounts to get numbers that agree with what is in the website.  The profit you receive every two days would be 3.8% and the portion of your investment that your would receive would be 8.34%, for a total return of 12.14% every two days. 

Knowing the daily return, we can determine how long it will take the plan to break even.  Just divide 100% by 6.07% to get that the plan will break even in 17 days.  Since you only receive a return every other day, you will break even after 18 days.

By the way, you won’t break even with the 3-day, 9-day, and 18-day plans until they end and your investment is returned to you at that time.

30-day Plan.

The 30-day plan works the same way as the 24-day plan, except that you only receive a return every three days instead of every two days.  In this case, your daily net profit is, again, the DNI which is 2.1% and the percent of your investment that is returned to you an a daily basis is 3.33% (100/30).  The total daily return will therefore be the sum of these two values, or 5.43%.  If you multiply everything by three, you get the amounts that you will receive from this program every three days:

Interest return:                       6.3%

Investment return:                  10%

Total return:                            16.3%

Finally, if you divide 100% by the total daily return that you receive, you get that the plan breaks even in 19 days.  Since you only receive a return every three days, you won’t break even until you receive your payment on day 21 of the investment plan.

OK, these are a lot of numbers to digest.  If you are seriously interested in this program, it would be worth your while to compare what we found out here with the numerical examples of earnings from the various investment plans as given in the website.  I think that you will find this information to be very helpful.

All this will help to explain how the Hexland investment plans work.  In Part 2 of this review, we’ll evaluate the plans in an effort to determine whether or not they are sensible investment platforms for the online investor. Please wait a few more days for Part 2

I note that we still have the 365-day plans to talk about.  However, it is very easy to understand them.  So, we’ll delay any evaluation of these plans until Part 2 of the review.


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