The Doubler Investment Plan.

As we indicated in the recent “First Thoughts” article about Doubler, the company’s “investment” plan is extremely easy to understand.  All that happens is that your money is doubled in 200 hours.  That’s it.

Analysis of the Doubler Investment Plan.

When we analyze an investment plan, we typically determine two things: how long it takes the plan to break even and what the average daily net interest (DNI) is that you will earn from it.  Concerning breaking even, since you don’t receive any return until the plan ends after 200 hours, that’s obviously when you break even.  If you divide 200 by 24 hours per day, you get that the plan is 8.33 days long (eight days and eight hours long).  Since you double your money in the 200-hour time period, your net profit is 100%.  Averaging this out over the 8.33-day long investment period by dividing by 8.33, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of exactly 12%.


It is obvious that this is a very lucrative investment plan.  Doubling your money in a little more than eight days is an amazing level of profit!  But, what about risk?  In the article in HYIP Insights #12, we suggested that programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher than 2% might have difficulty surviving in the long term.  If this suggestion is correct, then Doubler is at risk of closing its doors very quickly.  However, this conflicts with the fact that Doubler has purchased a listing from EmilyNews that requires a four-month advance payment.  The investor will have to ask himself whether the company made this investment just to have its program put at the top of the monitor or if, indeed, there is a logic behind the investment plan that will enable it to stay in business for at least this long. 

Let’s assume that the company can, indeed, stay in business for the entire four-month (120 day) period.  Here’s a little calculation that you can make to realize the phenomenal amount of money that could theoretically be made from this investment plan in that amount of time.  This is the type of thing that adventuresome online investors always dream about!  Here’s the way things would work out with an investment of $100 and what would happen if you continually reinvest your growing principal into the program for 120 days.  Of course, this is what we refer to as 100% compounding.

Investment Amount = $100
Days Dollars
0 $100
8.33 $200
16.66 $400
24.99 $800
33.32 $1,600
41.65 $3,200
49.98 $6,400
58.31 $12,800
66.64 $25,600
74.97 $51,200
83.3 $102,400
91.63 $204,800
99.96 $409,600
108.29 $819,200
116.62 $1,638,400
124.95 $3,276,800

So, after four months, your $100 investment would theoretically turn into over THREE MILLION dollars!  Obviously, unless the company has some wonderful tricks up its sleeves, this is impossible.  Even after one month, your $100 investment would turn into $1,600.  Of course, all this is theoretical daydreaming.  However, it’s the type of thing that all adventuresome investors do.  You might not go to the trouble of putting your thoughts down on a spread sheet.  But, in case you have ever thought of this type of investment strategy, now you know what things will look like.  Realistically, in a program like this, the investor would first go through one cycle and, hopefully, recover his investment.  Then, with his original investment safe in his pocket, he would reinvest some or all or his earnings to increase his net profit.  The foregoing spreadsheet corresponds to 100% compounding.  Perhaps, after recovering his investment, the investor might want to compound only 50% of his profits.  There is an infinity of possibilities.


As we also indicated in the “First Thoughts” article, since no claim is given as to how Doubler generates its revenue, all the investor can do is hope that it survives long enough for him to at least double his money.  Eight days and eight hours.  After that, the investor will have to decide whether or not he would like to try again to double his money.  This is a very lucrative but equally risky program.  


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