Let’s begin our discussion by first recalling the basic information about the SofTradeAI investment plans:

  • Plan #1
  • 2% daily for 35 business days
  • Minimum investment =$25
  • Plan #2
  • 3% daily for 35 business days
  • Minimum investment = $100
  • Plan #3
  • 4% daily for 35 business days
  • Minimum investment = $500

As we pointed out in our “First Thoughts” article about SofTradeAI , the plans are unusual because they return 50% of your deposit when they end.  This implies that the other 50% is returned as part of your daily earnings.  This is unusual because usually an HYIP investment plan returns ALL of your deposit at the end of a plan or they return ALL of it as part of your daily earnings.  In the first case, the investor must “bite his nails” until the term of his investment plan ends in hopes that the program won’t close prematurely.  In the second case, the investor can breathe more easily as he will break even well before the term of his investment plan ends.  In this respect, the SofTradeAI investment plans are a sort of middle ground.  They are less risky than the type of plan that holds your entire investment until the plan ends, but riskier than the type of plan that returns your entire investment as part of your earnings. 

In Part 1 of this review we determined the following break even points for the three plans:

  • Plan     Days to break even
  •             Business Days             Calendar Days
  • #1        35                                48 (at end of plan)
  • #2        34                                47
  • #3        25                                35

All the plans are 35 business days long — which we determined is equivalent to around 48 calendar days — roughly seven weeks.  In Part 1 of the review, we determined that, in Plan #1, you recover 70% of your deposit before the plan ends and that you will only break even when the 50% of your deposit is returned to you at the end of the plan.  In Plan #2, you recover your deposit almost exactly when the plan ends.  Thus, the 50% that is returned to you when the plan ends becomes your net profit.  In Plan #3, because of the higher interest, you break even in 35 calendar days.  So, you are risk-free for the remainder of the plan which runs for 48 calendar days.  So, from the point of view of risk due to early closure of the program, Plan #3 would appear to be the best bet.

Typically, the highest interest plan in the offerings by an HYIP will have a prohibitively high minimum investment requirement.  The SofTradeAI investment plans are among the few sets of such investment plan offerings that all have reasonable minimum investment requirements.  The highest minimum investment requirement is for Plan #3 and is only $500.  While this will still lock out many investors, it is not insanely high as is often the case with a program’s highest interest investment plan.  My point is that Plan #3 — which breaks even in not much more than a month — will be within the reach of many investors and, because it breaks even somewhat quickly, it might appear to be the sensible plan to aim for.

And, this brings us to a discussion of the profitability and risk associated with each of the three SofTradeAI investment plans.  In this regard, here’s what we found out in Part 1 of this review concerning the average daily interest (DNI) that you will earn from each of the plans:

  • Plan                 DNI
  • #1                    0.42%
  • #2                    1.15%
  • #3                    1.88%

Concerning profitability, if you multiply each of these values for DNI by seven, you get the average weekly profit that you will earn from each of the plans.  Here’s that result:

  • Plan                 Average weekly profit
  • #1                    2.94%
  • #2                    8.05%
  • #3                    13.16%

Just as there is a great disparity between the values of DNI for the three plans, there is also a great disparity between the average weekly profits that you will earn from each of them.  The profit from Plan #1 is probably low for an HYIP, whereas the profits from Plans #2 and #3 should be more than acceptable for most online investors. 

Along with profitability goes risk.  In the case of programs like SofTradeAI where profits aren’t astronomical, risk is also under control.  We at EmilyNews suggest that programs offering investment plans having DNIs higher than 2% might not be able to survive in the long term.  Well, SofTradeAI has done a good job of “optimizing” returns while not crossing this boundary line that might put the program at risk of premature closure. I will guess that most investors will try to generate at least the $100 required to take advantage of Plan #2.  With a DNI of 1.15%, it is well-within the range of DNIs that would appear to be “safe” from the point of view of survivability of the overall program.  Even if a goodly number of investors opt for Plan #3 to take advantage of the higher earnings and short breakeven time, the program would still be operating with a set of investment plans, all of which have DNIs that are less than 2%.

Earnings Example.

OK, let’s assume that you have decided to take advantage of the benefits of Plan #3 and have generated $600 to invest in that investment plan.  Here’s what will happen.  You will receive 4% of this per business day, or $24 (.04 x 600).  After 25 business days you will have received exactly $600 (25 x 24) and you will have broken even.  After the plan ends in 35 business days, you will have accumulated a total of $840 (35 x 24) by means of these daily payments.  In addition, 50% of your deposit, $300, would be returned to you then giving you a total GROSS return of $1,140 (840 + 300).  This results in a NET profit of $540 (1,140 – 600).  So, in 48 calendar days — around seven weeks — you almost double your money. 


SofTradeAI offers three investment plans that are unusual because 50% of your investment is returned to you at the end of a plan and the other 50% is returned as part of your earnings.  This is midway between HYIPs that offer plans returning 100% with earnings and 100% at the end of the plan.  All of the SofTradeAI investment plans have sensible minimum investment requirements, so that all of them will be accessible to at least the halfway serious online investor.  Two of the three plans offer returns that would seem to be highly attractive to the online investor, while still being within limits that would not appear to jeopardize the long-term survivability of the program.  This program should appear to a wide range of investors and might have the potential for long-term survival if managed wisely by its administrators.

I hope this information is helpful.


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