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The Arbitrage Invest Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Arbitrage Invest, we provided the following very brief introduction to the company’s investment plans:

Arbitrage Invest offers four easy-to-understand investment plans.  They all return your investment as part of your earnings (the best type of plan) and they are all 25 days long.  Minimum investment requirements are reasonable and interest returns are sensible.  In fact, to be candid, it is becoming rare in HYIP world to see a sensibly designed set of investment plans.  Those offered by Arbitrage Invest are a breath of fresh air.

The website provides the following complete information on the investment plans:

  • Plan #1
  • 4.8% for 25 days
  • $10 – $300
  • Plan #2
  • 5% for 25 days
  • $300 – $700
  • Plan #3
  • 5.4% for 25 days
  • $700 – $1,400
  • Plan #4
  • 5.8% for 25 days
  • $1,400 – $250,000

Analysis of the Arbitrage Invest Investment Plans.

First, let’s determine how long it will take for each of the investment plans to break even.  For Plan #1, if you divide 100% by the 4.8% daily interest, you get that it will take 21 days for you to recover your investment — to break even.  If you do the same division for the other three investment plans, you will get the following:

  • Plan                 Days to break even
  • #1                    21 days
  • #2                    20 days
  • #3                    19 days
  • #4                    18 days

Next, let’s determine the average daily net interest (DNI) that you will earn from each of these investment plans.  In this type of investment plan, it takes you a number of days to break even.  So, during this first part of an investment plan, you are “in the red” and you are still losing money.  After you break even, all of the return that you receive is “pure profit” — or net interest — and you start to come out ahead.  Well, if you average this “pure profit” out over the length of the investment plan, you get DNI. 

As an example, let’s do this for Plan #1.  The total GROSS interest that you will receive for the plan is the daily gross interest of 4.8% times the 25-day length of the plan, or 120%.  The total NET interest that you will receive will be 100% less than this, or just 20%.  If you average this out over the 25-day length of the plan by dividing by 25, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of 0.8%.  Here’s what you will get if you repeat this arithmetic for the other three investment plans:

  • Plan                 DNI
  • #1                    0.8%
  • #2                    1.0%
  • #3                    1.4%  
  •  #4                   1.8%

Let’s combine these last two tables together into one and take a look at what we have…

  • Plan                 DNI                  Days to break even
  • #1                    0.8%                21 days
  • #2                    1.0%                20 days
  • #3                    1.4%                19 days
  •  #4                   1.8%                18 days

We are getting a bit ahead of ourselves here.  However, our analysis shows that, as we noted in our “First Thoughts” article, the SET of investment plans appears to be very logically designed.  All the plans are the same length.  Minimum investment and daily gross return gradually increase as you progress from Plan #1 to Plan #4.  As a result, DNI gradually increases and the number of days to break even gradually decreases.  Nothing strange is happening and, since the set of plans is logical, the investor can likewise make a logical selection of the plan that he will use.

This is sort of an introduction to what we will cover in the “Discussion” portion of our review of Arbitrage Invest.  We will get to that in Part 2 of the review.  Please stand by.  Part 2 will be published shortly.


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