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The Wine Systems Investment Plans.

We recently published a “First Thoughts” article about the Wine Systems online investment program.  In the article, we introduced their investment plan offerings in the following way:

The most important thing, of course, for the online investor are the investment programs that the company offers.  There are three of them (but it appears that more might be offered soon).  All of them return your deposit along with daily earnings and the plans run from 50 all the way up to 90 days long.  So, these are definitely not short-term investment plans.  Interest rates appear to be modest and this would appear to imply that the program might be a long-term survivor such that the program could provide a decent source of dependable passive income.

The website description of the Wine Systems investment plans is done a little bit differently that what is typically done for the average HYIP.  In fact, the description gives us MORE information than is typically the case.  Here are the investment plan descriptions as they are given in the website.  We’ll talk about the style of presentation somewhat more when we analyze the investment plans in the next section of this review.

  • Plan #1 
  • $50 – $10,000
  • 50 days
  • .60% + 1/50 of deposit per day
  • Profit:  deposit + 30%
  • Plan #2
  • $20 – $10,000
  • 75 days
  • .80% + 1/75 of deposit per day
  • Profit:  deposit + 60%
  • Plan #3
  • $10 – $10,000
  • 90 days
  • 1.00% + 1/90 deposit per day
  • Profit:  deposit + 90%

Analysis of the Wine Systems Investment Plans.

When we analyze a program’s investment plans, we typically determine when they will break even as well as what the average daily net interest (DNI) will be that they pay. 

In order to tell when an investment plan breaks even, you have to know what the total gross interest is that you receive every day.  As an example, for Plan #1, the website says that you receive .60% + 1/50 of your investment as your daily return.  Let’s convert 1/50 to a percent.  You do this by evaluating the fraction and then multiplying the result by 100.  The result is 2% (1/50 x100).  So, the total daily gross interest that you will receive from this plan will be 2.6% (2 + .6).  Next, if you divide 100% by 2.6%, you find that it will take you around 39 days to recover your investment — to break even.  If you do this same arithmetic for the other two investment Plans, you get the following results:

  • Plan     Daily Gross Interest     Days to Break Even
  • #1        2.60%                          39 days
  • #2        2.13%                          47 days
  • #3        2.11%                          48 days

It’s easy to determine the DNI for each of the investment plans.  In fact, this information is GIVEN to you because the website separates your daily income into two parts.  The first part is your daily profit and the second is the part of your investment that is returned to you.  This first part is your DNI!  So, to repeat, here are the values for DNI for the three investment plans:

  • Plan                 DNI
  • #1                    0.6%
  • #2                    0.8%
  • #3                    1.0%

OK, now that we’ve analyzed the Wine Systems investment plans, I hope that you are able to see that they might have some special merit as possibilities for an online investment vehicle.  We’ll get into that in detail when we discuss their pros and cons of the plans in Part 2 of this review.  Part 2 should be ready in a few days.  Please stand by…    


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