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The Capward Bull Investment Plans.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article we provided a glimpse of what the Capward Bull investment plans look like.  Here’s what we said about them in that article:

For the online investor, Capward Bull offers four investment plans.  Three of them pay interest on a daily basis while the fourth makes a one-shot payment at the end of a 14-day investment period.  Something that is easily overlooked is that the first and third plans pay interest on working days while the second pays interest seven days per week.  This complicates matters and makes it a bit challenging to compare one investment plan with another.  However, we will remove this camouflage when we review the program (A hint of what is to come is that some quick calculations tell me that the three daily investment plans are exceptionally well-designed with very sensible returns!).  Please stay tuned.  The review will be published a few days from now.

Now, with that introduction — and warning — out of the way, here are the details about the four Capward Bull investment plans:

  • Silver Plan
  • 5% daily for 24 WORKING days
  • $10 – $100,000
  • Gold Plan
  • 6% daily for 21 CALENDAR days
  • $50 – $100,000
  • VIP Plan
  • 7% daily for 21 WORKING days
  • $200 – $100,000
  • Platinum Plan
  • 110% after 14 CALENDAR days
  • $10 – $100,000

Analysis of the Capward Bull Investment Plans.

The first thing that we will do is to determine the number of CALENDAR days it takes each plan to break even.  For the Silver Plan, dividing 100% by the daily return of 5%, you find that it takes 20 WORKING days for the plan to break even.  There are roughly 22 working days in a 30 calendar day month.  Therefore, to convert 20 working days to calendar days, you must multiply this quantity by 30/22.  If you do this, you get that the Silver plan breaks even in roughly 28 calendar days.  By the way, using this same conversion factor, you find that the 24 working day plan is around 33 calendar days long.

The Gold Plan pays interest on CALENDAR days.  So, there are no conversions from working days to calendar days for this plan.  Dividing 100% by the 6% daily return, you find that this 21-day plan breaks even in around 17 calendar days

Like the Silver Plan, the VIP plan also only pays interest on WORKING days.  So, dividing 100% by the daily return of 7%, you get that it takes 15 working days for the plan to break even.  Again multiplying by the 30/22 conversion factor, you can determine that this is equivalent to 21 calendar days.  This plan is 29 calendar days long.

The Platinum Plan is different.  Since you don’t receive any return at all until the plan ends after 14 CALENDAR days, this is obviously when the plan will break even.

Here’s all this in summary form:

  • Plan                 Plan length (calendar days)    Break even (calendar days)
  • Silver               33 days                                    28 days
  • Gold                 21 days                                    17 days
  • VIP                   29 days                                    21 days
  • Platinum          14 days                                    14 days

Next, let’s determine the average daily net interest (DNI) that each of the Capward Bull investment plans will pay you.  Remember that DNI is simply the total net interest that a plan pays you averaged out over the number of CALENDAR days in the investment plan.

For the Silver Plan, the total gross interest that you will earn will be the daily gross interest of 5% times the 24 WORKING day length of the plan, or 120%.  Since this includes your investment, you must subtract 100% from it to get the total net interest, which will be 20%.  Finally, dividing this by the 33 CALENDAR day length of the plan, you will get a DNI of 0.61%

The Gold Plan is simpler to work with because everything is in CALENDAR days.  In this case, multiplying 6% by 21 days, you get a total gross interest of 126%.  Subtracting 100%, you get a total net interest of 26%.  And, finally, dividing this by the 21-day length of the plan, you get a DNI of 1.24%.

The VIP Plan works the same as the Silver Plan.  If you go through the same arithmetic, you will get a DNI of 1.62%.

Finally, for the Platinum Plan, you can easily see that your total net interest is 10%.  Averaging this out over the 14-day length of the plan, by dividing by 14, you get a DNI of 0.71 for this plan.

Here are our results for DNI of the four Capiton Fund investment plans:

  • Plan                 DNI
  • Silver               0.61%
  • Gold                 1.24%
  • VIP                   1.62%
  • Platinum          0.71%

Now, you should be able to see why we said in the First Thoughts article that some things about this set of investment plans are a bit camouflaged.  This analysis that we just made strips this camouflage away such that all the plans can be compared on the same basis.  You can’t compare apples to oranges.  Now, we are comparing apples to apples.  We now know how many CALENDAR days it takes each plan to break even and we also know the DNI for each plan and DNI is based on CALENDAR days.

Another thing we said in the First Thoughts article is that “the three daily investment plans are exceptionally well-designed with very sensible returns.”  If you look at the values for DNI, you will see that:

1.  They increase gradually as you move up through the three plans.

2.  They are all below 2%; they are reasonable.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here.  In Part 2 of our review of Capward Bull, we will discuss the results of our analysis and will attempt to draw some conclusions that will be useful to the online investor.  Please stand by.  Part 2 will be published in a few days.


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