The Hodium Investment Plan.

In our recent “First Thoughts” article about Hodium, we provided a thorough explanation of the company’s investment plan.  I’ll repeat it here:

For the investor, Hodium offers a single very logical and easy-to-understand investment plan.  It is logical because the interest that the plan pays can vary on a day by day basis between a minimum of 0.1% and 1.5%.  This makes perfect sense as financial asset trading, be it Forex, cryptos, or the stock market, can result in returns that vary widely on a day by day basis.  Note, also, that high unrealistic interest rates are not promised to the investor.  This might be taken as a clue that the company intends to be around for a while.  This is very refreshing news for the investor who might be looking for a long-term source of passive income.  The minimum investment with Hodium is 0.001 BTC (around $10) and, for all practical purposes, there is no maximum.  The investment plan is 365 days long. A very neat feature of plan is that you can withdraw your investment at any time without penalty. This is kind of like withdrawing your deposit from the bank.

Analysis of the Hodium Investment Plan.

The big problem we face in analyzing this investment plan is that we don’t really know the interest rate that it will pay; we only know the limits that the company has placed on them.  With a low limit of 0.1% and a high of 1.5%, the average comes to 0.8%.  However, this is by no means guaranteed.  The program has only been active for a few days.  It does provide a record of daily interests that it has paid and, based on these three days of data, the average return is 0.7%.  This is fairly close to the predicted average of 0.8%.  However, based on such limited data, it is dangerous to assume that the 0.8% average will hold true.  However, we DO need a number to work with and, so, we will use it.  However, please keep in mind that all the results that we come up with in this review will be ESTIMATES only.  We hope they will be good estimates.  But, right now, this can’t be guaranteed.  In a month or so, it would be a good idea to calculate a new average of the daily interest that the company has actually paid to see how close it comes to the 0.8% predicted average.

OK, let’s use this assumed interest rate of 0.8% from now on.  If you divide 100% by 0.8%, you will get the number of days it will take you to recover your investment (break even).  The result is around 125 days — roughly four months.  So, you will spend four months hoping to break even and, after that, for eight months, anything that you earn will be “pure profit.”

The total GROSS interest that you earn in the 365-day investment period will be 365 times the assumed daily gross interest of 0.8%, or 292%.  This includes your investment.  So, you must subtract 100% from it to get the total NET interest that you will earn from the investment plan, or 192%.  Finally, averaging this out over the 365-day length of the plan by dividing by 365, you get an average daily net interest (DNI) of around 0.53%.

In summary, assuming an average daily gross interest of 0.8%, the investment plan will break even in 125 days and pay you an average daily net interest (DNI) of 0.53%. 


Recently, we have reviewed a number of online investment programs that offered investment plans having DNIs approaching 10%.  That’s roughly 20 times higher than the DNI we estimated for Hodium!  In those cases, we warned investors that such high earnings always go along with high risk.  Hodium is at the other end of the spectrum.  By HYIP standards, the DNI that Hodium offers is quite low.  This is not necessarily bad as it will greatly improve the odds that the program will have a very long lifetime.  It could even turn out to be one of those rare programs that survive for a year or more.  To put numbers on all this, if you multiply the DNI of 0.53% by seven (the number of days in a week), you get an average weekly net profit of around 3.7%.  You will have to decide whether or not this is right for you.

We already determined that the total net profit that you can earn from this investment plan is 192%.  The plan is one year long.  So, in roughly a year’s time, you would triple your money.  To summarize the profit potential of the investment plan in general terms: you break even in four months; you double your money in eight months; and, you triple your money in 12 months.  The conservative investor might like these profit levels. 

It is worth noting that the Hodium investment plan is the best TYPE of investment plan because you are recovering your investment on a daily basis.  So, the portion of your investment that is at risk is constantly decreasing. I should also repeat that it is possible to withdraw your investment at any time without penalty.  This is the way your bank account works (and I feel it is the way an investment plan should work too!).  So, for example, if a person is only interested in doubling his money, he would withdraw his deposit after eight months and be done with the program.  If for some reason, a person started to get nervous about the survivability of the program, he might even decide to withdraw his deposit in six months and settle for a 50% increase in his capital.  Of course, numerous other possibilities exist.

Please keep in mind that we are talking about time periods that are unusually long for the HYIP industry.  Look at any monitor and you will find very few programs that have been online for six months or more.  However, you will also find that few, if any, of them have DNIs which are as low as one half of one percent.

Earnings Example.

Let’s assume that you have read the Hodium “White Paper” and are convinced that the company will be around for a long time and that it will, indeed, be a safe platform for a long-term passive income.  So, you decide to invest $1,000.  Every day you will receive a return of around 0.8% of this, or $8 (.008 x 1,000).  After 125 days, you will have received a total of exactly $1,000 and will have broken even.  This is around four months.  It follows that, after 250 days, you will have received $2,000 and will have doubled your money.  This is somewhat over eight months.  Finally, after the plan ends in 365 days, you will have received a total of $2,920, for a net profit of $1,920.  So, as we indicated earlier, by the time the investment plan ends, you will have almost tripled your money.


Hodium offers a single investment plan that pays a variable daily interest rate that depends on company earnings for the previous day.  The interest rates that are paid are low by HYIP standards.  However, these low rates increase the probability that the program will survive in the long term.  Investors seeking a long-term source of passive income might be attracted to this investment program.  Investors seeking quick profits probably won’t be.


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