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It looks like Hooplex (reviewed here) is making a major effort to globalize its program.  As you know, they have primarily been active in southeast Asia.  So, this is a major change in emphasis for them.  To tell you the truth, I hadn’t expected this. 

Going along with this, they are encouraging “leaders” to become involved with the Hooplex program.  I’m not quite sure how they define a leader and suspect that there are minimum investment requirements and/or a minimum number of people in a person’s downline.  However, they offer attractive perks for leaders who sign up with them.  There is more information on all this in the rather lengthy news item from Hooplex that I’ve reprinted below.  Check it out.  If it sounds like a reasonable offer to you, get in touch with them via the contact email that is given in their news release.

Attention to the leaders of the structures! Big start of the promotion program!

Hooplex is reaching a new level!   With its successful work, profitable deposits, regular and fast payments and competent international technical support, Hooplex has repeatedly proved to investors from all over the world that our project is reliable and stable. We would like to inform you that this is just the beginning! 

All this time, we have been thoroughly testing the system to optimize it as much as possible. And now we’re ready for Lexera technology and the Hooplex community to work around the world. 

We are starting the next stage – team building and structure building! Autumn is the best time for business and action when the result comes immediately. All this time we have been preparing, testing functionality and developing a new one in order to start working with the leaders. 

We invite active leaders from all over the world to scale up the project. Join us today to start working and making money with Hooplex!

Benefits of working with Hooplex for leaders:

  • ▪️ Exclusive right to represent the company in your country.
  • ▪️ Project development budgets
  • ▪️ Unlimited support of the company in all matters
  • ▪️ Special conditions for active teams
  • ▪️ Marketing support
  • ▪️ Conference Payments 
  • ▪️ Additional cash bonuses

Start right now to have a high status! 

ATTENTION: For active structures! 

We encourage active leaders! Already now we are preparing to launch a new functionality, with the help of which the participants, who came to the company on their own, will be distributed to the most active structures in this country. The more active you are, the more the company helps you to build a structure! All new leaders will be assigned to the most active structures. Become number 1 in your country to get more participants! 

We will transfer the active leaders who came to develop the project to the most active structures in the country.

▪️ Start right now to be among the first! 

You can be the first in your country to get all the benefits of working with Hooplex

You’re a leader and you want to work with us? Write to us: 

We are waiting for you in our leadership team! Join us!


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