And Announces Forthcoming Conference in Thailand.

Hooplex (reviewed here) is always active in reporting on past events as well as in announcing future ones.  A few days ago, they hosted a conference in Pasuruan, Indonesia, and in a few days from now, they will be hosting another conference, this time in Pattaya, Thailand.  So, Hooplex is branching out from Indonesia which has been the focus of their activity in southeast Asia. 

The news page of Hooplex contains a number of photos of the Pasuruan event that you might want to look at.  It appears that quite a crowd attended.  Here’s the write-up on that event from the News page of the Hooplex website:

Event in Pasuruan, August 18

Friends, we thank everyone who came to our event, which took place on August 18th in Pasuruan. 

Everyone who would like to learn more about how to improve the financial situation with the help of modern technology, gathered on this day in the hall of the Horison Hotel. The event “Utilization of a new round of financial providers” provided the participants not only with valuable knowledge, but also with prizes and gifts. 

We are sure that the information you receive will change your life for the better! Follow our announcements and meet the Hooplex community in your city!

The event in Thailand is coming up fast.  And, it looks like this is a two-day conference — which might be a first. Personally, I don’t understand why Hooplex doesn’t post notices of such events a lot sooner.  It would certainly improve attendance.  However, if you live in the neighborhood of Pattaya and can fit the event into your schedule, you might want to attend.  These get-togethers are probably the best place to go to learn more about the Hooplex program and to get all your questions answered. 

Here’s the info on the coming conference:

Crypto Education & Blockchain: Thailand, 25-26 August 

Welcome, friends! We invite you to attend an event of our community, which will be held on 25 and 26 August  in Pattaya. At the presentation, you will learn about the cryptocurrencies and blockchain and about Hooplex project.

As part of the event, training will be conducted on the following topics:

  • – Company profile
  • – Products : LexeraLXR and LexeraWAY 1.0
  • – Backoffice knowledge 
  • – How to make Registration
  • – How to deposit
  • – How to withdraw
  • – How to create payment gateway and wallet btc etc

You will also learn about career opportunities in our company.

We are waiting for you!

Date: Sunday, August 25

Time 14.00 – 17.00.

26 August 2019

Time: 9.00 – 11.00

Place: Pithaya Centre

Theme: Hooplex

Leader in Charge of: Saruthda

Promoter: Saruthda

Host:  Sunee

Speaker: Saruthda

Click this LINK to watch some videos of the project!


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