Online for Three Months.

We recently received an email from Crystal Investment in which they summarize the history of their program since it began roughly three months ago.  Some of you may remember that it first appeared in the form of a more or less typical HYIP website.  Now the program has switched to the form of a Telegram bot.  Following is the email that we received.  The English is a bit rough, but I believe the thoughts are perfectly clear…

A quick reminder of how we have been

A quick reminder of how we have been operating, where we started where we are and the future to come.

Crystalinvestment started online on exactly 14th May 2019 through our  URL, crystalinvestment . uk , where we offer up to three different profitable plans and lot of person started with us and are still with us till date….. A huge appreciation goes to you all who started with us.

Out of consideration due to some challenges our prospect was having and to make things easy and smart for us all, we decided to opt in using telegram bot @Crystalinvestmentbot which came on use exactly on the 8th  August 2019 and still.

We believe our client deserves the best and we always listing to your complain.
..Never hesitated to work hard in keeping our promises on giving you the best.

Three days of our LIFE.


We strive every day to make our services better, we did it yesterday, we have done well today and watch out for the future(tomorrow) will do even better.

Much appreciation goes to Emily News and our telegram Admins online support team and to you all.

By 14th of this month we will complete 3months and we really wanna say THANK YOU FOR BEEN WITH US.

We may not have bonuses to share but be rest assured that the best is yet to come from us.

CI team.


If one of the paying programs on our Monitor appeals to you, please support EmilyNews by registering for it on our website. Thanks very very much!


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