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***URGENT UPDATE: “Administration of the program just officially announced about its CLOSURE!”

Withdrawal Limits Reduced – and More!

Elterro (reviewed here) just published a very meaty update describing a number of improvements in their program/website.  These include additions to its “Bounty” program, reduced withdrawal limits, addition of the Japanese language, and more info about their lottery.  The update is fairly complete and there is really nothing that I can add to it.  So, here it is…

Great News for Elterro Investors

Several innovations are available on the Elterro website.

Bounty program extension:

1. Place stories on social networks for $2.5. Read more about the rules here,

2. Pin your signature on the forum in personal messages: “Elterro – Clean Energy. Perfect Technology.” for $0.2 per day.

We reduced the withdrawal limits for the following payment systems:

Bitcoin Cash 0.025 BCH

Etherium 0.025 ETH

Litecoin 0.025 LTC

We added Japanese at the request of our partners.

Every Sunday we hold a new lottery for all participants.

Now both new and experienced investors can participate in the lottery.

To participate in the lottery please send a message: “I participate in the lottery #elterrowinner” in the telegram-chat company.

Learn more about the rules here


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